White & Case

Our singular focus at White & Case is client success. We continually recruit and develop outstanding legal talent to reinforce our ability to serve our clients and advance their interests in jurisdictions around the world.

Lawyers who join our Firm find themselves part of an open collegial culture where innovation, teamwork and an entrepreneurial drive are valued, senior lawyers are generous with their knowledge and new associates are encouraged to be forthright with their questions.

We remain a leader among law firms after more than a century because we are innovators who champion the power of new ideas. New associates form the nucleus from which our next generation of legal innovators will emerge. Your energy, motivation and new perspectives freshen and strengthen the approaches we take to our clients’ legal needs and continually reinvigorate our Firm.

We want to maintain a productive, two-way relationship that extends well beyond your tenure here. Whether you are with White & Case for four years or for your entire career, we want your time with us to be positive and rewarding. We understand that while many of our associates will become future partners, others will take different paths that lead to careers as corporate counsel, government legislators, diplomats, or practitioners at other law firms. We provide those whose career paths take them to points beyond our Firm with knowledge and skills that will enhance their ability to succeed at their future endeavors.

Global Scope
The concept of “going global” is still a new one for many law firms, but it’s familiar ground to us. Since 2004 we have served the vast majority of our major clients from 10 or more different offices around the world, handling a variety of matters that span more than 20 jurisdictions, and involve lawyers in multiple practice areas.

Highlights from our global history

  • Responding to the Asian economic boom of the mid 1970s, we launched offices in Hong Kong as early as 1978, and in Tokyo in 1987.
  • Following the Iron Curtain’s fall in 1989, we responded to Eastern Europe’s need for high caliber diversified legal services by opening offices in Moscow, Warsaw, Prague and Budapest.
  • Increasing our presence in London and Paris, mergers with leading German and Italian firms, and strengthening our Latin American capabilities with offices in Mexico and Brazil have all been in direct response to better support clients’ needs and objectives.
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