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Mining & Metals: Opportunity & Risk
October 2014
Rebecca Campbell, Christian Pilkington, John Tivey, Anthony Elghossain

As part of our Mining & Metals: Opportunity & Risk series, in Weathering the Bottom of the Cycle we examine how even the global resources giants have been forced to look inwardly and restructure more than just their business strategies in order to cope with commercial and external pressures of the prolonged downturn in commodity prices.
PDF The Flawed Headcount Requirement on Schemes of Arrangement
September 2014
Philip Broke, Anthony Vasey, Robin Bolivar

A failed takeover of a Hong Kong-listed company has highlighted a weakness in English company law.
PDF The Second Circuit Limits the Power of Courts to Enforce Asset Restraints and Discovery Orders Against Foreign Banks: Tiffany (NJ) LLC v. China Merchants Bank and Gucci America, Inc. v. Bank of China
September 2014
Dwight A. Healy, Owen C. Pell, Kenneth A. Caruso, Ernest (Ernie) T. Patrikis

n Tiffany (NJ) LLC v. China Merchants Bank and Gucci America, Inc. v. Bank of China, the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals issued important rulings, confirming that the limits on the exercise of US general jurisdiction, set forth in the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Daimler AG v. Bauman, apply equally in the context of relief, including discovery, sought from nonparties. The Second Circuit held that in light of Daimler, a nonparty foreign bank is not subject to general personal jurisdiction simply because it maintains branch operations in New York. Accordingly, the lower court’s authority to compel nonparty banks to comply with a prejudgment asset restraint or to provide extraterritorial discovery would depend on whether the court had specific personal jurisdiction over the bank—i.e., purposeful contacts with the United States by the bank relating to the particular dispute.
PDF The 2014 Global Renewable Energy Guide
September 2014
Ferdinand Brughmans, Serkan Alhan, Vít Stehlík, Aleš Zídek, Kati Punakallio, Paule Biensan, Olivier Le Bars, Tobias Woltering, Rebecca Stern, Emőke Kovács, Orsolya Bárdosi, Balázs Várszeghi, Toshio Dokei, Akira Shimazaki, Tony Nicholson, Hernán González Estrada, Tomasz Chmal, Katarzyna Kahl, Marta Godlewska, Adam Smith, Irina Degtyar, Zoran Draškovič, Marek Staroň, Joz Coetzer, Matthew Richards, Brenda Migwalla, Michael Watson, Anne Wicks (née Lowe), Saghar Khodabakhsh, Tallat Hussain, Daniel A. Hagan, James F. Hayden

The 2014 edition of the Global Renewable Energy Guide is now available. Published annually since 2010, this comprehensive publication is designed to provide an overview of the applicable legislation and available incentives for renewable energy companies worldwide. It aids investors, lenders and government agencies in understanding and comparing relevant provisions from different jurisdictions.
Federal Court Rules Business Method Patent Invalid Post-Alice
September 2014
Brandon C. Freeman, Jean E. Shimotake

On September 2, 2014, the District Court for the Eastern District of Texas ruled in the case of Loyalty Conversion Systems Corporation v. American Airlines, Inc. that the plaintiff's business method patents concerning customer loyalty rewards programs were invalid, based in part upon the recent Supreme Court ruling in Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank International.

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