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The 2011 Global Renewable Energy Guide
November 2011
Paule Biensan, Sabine Schulte-Beckhausen, Emőke Kovács, Toshio Dokei, Tomasz Chmal, Katarzyna Kahl, Adam Smith, Marek Staroň, Zoran Draškovič, Saul Daniel, Tallat Hussain

The 2011 edition of the Global Renewable Energy Guide is now available. This comprehensive publication provides an overview of the applicable legislation and incentives available to renewable energy companies worldwide. It enables investors, lenders and government agencies to easily understand and compare renewable energy laws and incentives in 31 jurisdictions.
PDF Overview of the 2012 Reform of the German Renewable Energy Act
August 2011
Sabine Schulte-Beckhausen

The German government adopted a comprehensive Energy Concept on 28 September 2010. A core element of this Energy Concept consists of the reform of the Renewable Energy Source Act – Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz ("EEG"), which was enacted on 8 July 2011. The Energy Concept plans a drastic increase in the share of energy produced from renewable sources in relation to the overall power production. Accordingly, the Renewable Energy Act 2012 ("EEG 2012") aims to increase the share of energy produced from renewable sources until 2020 to 35 percent, until 2030 to 50 percent, until 2040 to 65 percent and until 2050 to 80 percent. Furthermore the EEG 2012 pursues the objective to integrate this amount of energy into the electricity supply system (Sec. 1, para. 2). The EEG 2012 shall become effective on 1 January 2012.
PDF The new German laws governing the restructuring of companies—it's time for change!
June 2011
Biner Bähr, Andreas Kleinschmidt, Leïla M. Röder, Tom Oliver Schorling, Christoph Schulte-Kaubrügger, Sven-Holger Undritz

Now that the Federal Government's bill for the Gesetz zur weiteren Erleichterung der Sanierung von Unternehmen (ESUG, Act Serving the Further Facilitation of the Reorganization of Enterprises) is available, the first of the three stages of reforming German insolvency laws has (nearly) been completed. At its core, the Reorganization Facilitation Act is intended to enable companies to be reorganized early, thus contributing to a new culture of reorganization in Germany. In Stages Two and Three, the Federal Government will then address consumer insolvency proceedings as well as the laws governing corporate insolvency and the professional standards of insolvency administrators. The Federal Minister of Justice, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, has stated that the reform of insolvency laws is among the major reform projects in German commercial law.
PDF International Arbitration: Streamlining, while Competition Heats Up
March 2011, PLC Magazine
Matthew Secomb, Christophe von Krause, Aloke Ray, Michael Turrini, David Goldberg

Matthew Secomb, Christophe von Krause, Patricia Nacimiento, Aloke Ray, Michael Turrini, David Goldberg and others of White & Case LLP examine developments in international arbitration over the last five years in some of the key jurisdictions across the globe.