Global Citizenship

2021 Volunteer Leadership Awards

Each year, White & Case honors a select group of individuals with our Volunteer Leadership Awards in recognition of their substantial contributions to our charitable and community projects. The following people were recognized in 2021 for work done over the prior year.

We also give awards for Pro Bono, which you can view here.


Cheryl Ashman, London

Gabrielle Barnett, Brussels

Patricia Borri, Brussels

Marjorie Delcourt, Brussels

Amy Donehower, New York

Theresa Ferrero, Washington, DC

Ekaterina Gorchakova, Moscow

Josh Hirschowitz, London

Nikki Korson, Washington, DC

DeAnna Lopez Vaughan, Houston

Sarah McCaldon, Brussels

Tarek Mohanna, Cairo

Celina Oliveira, Sao Paulo

Christian Orton, Tokyo

Mark Powell, Brussels

Elizabeth (Lizbie) Quaye, Melbourne

Debbie Reilly, Tokyo

Nick Salmon, London

Carmen Steeno, Brussels

Nicolas Vande Velde, Brussels

Sonia Vandeneycken, Brussels

Ayesha Williams, London

Loo Ying Tan, Singapore

Ingrid York, London


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