1) Pre-empt: Crisis prevention and contingency planning

Drivers for change are coming from many directions

No organisation can anticipate every threat, but establishing a collaborative, multi-skilled crisis management plan and dedicated team is essential to preventing reputational, legal and financial consequences.

We offer a wide range of legal services including:

  • Evaluating the extent to which political risk, trade credit, or other insurance policies provide cover against contractual risk allocation schemes or security arrangements
  • Assessing the extent and adequacy of internal anti-bribery and corruption/sanctions/compliance/anti-money laundering systems and control
  • Classifying risks of potential default under financing arrangements
  • Measuring adequacy of project plans and management systems for interfacing with a host state or local communities and responding to government or agency investigations, directions and interviews
  • Managing country entry/first-in-country transactions to prepare for plausible worst-case scenarios
  • Advising on enterprise risk mitigation strategies, including cybersecurity risk management
  • Undertaking corporate governance reviews to ensure best practice, deploying adequate whistle-blowing procedures and maintaining legal privilege over documents and communications
  • Acting as strategic advisors to boards and senior management 
  • Providing training to personnel on crisis response, including live simulated exercises
  • Preparing for an activist campaign or unsolicited bid


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