Crisis Management

2) Act: Crisis response

Responses will no doubt shift as investors, shareholders, customers, regulators and other stakeholders begin to consider and apply information and analysis more seriously

For immediate crisis management advice, or for further information, please contact us by email: [email protected]

When faced with a looming or unfolding crisis, the scope and depth of the problem needs to be identified quickly, and immediate measures may be required to stabilize the situation. We can swiftly assemble a dedicated team to be by your side and support you on the best course of action.

In a crisis, immediate consideration must be given to legal issues including:

  • Immediate interactions with affected counterparties (e.g., governments, communities, NGOs, international agencies, suppliers, customers, investors and shareholders) and advice and support in dealing with regulatory inspections, audits and interviews
  • Potential recall measures 
  • Potential criminal exposure, and dealing with immediate steps; e.g., where individuals have been arrested
  • Jurisdiction-specific or region-specific practical issues to prevent escalation, defuse tensions and conclude appropriate settlements
  • The framework of contractual and financing arrangements concerning any relevant project or undertaking
  • Third- party liability
  • Legal issues arising from media and communications strategy 
  • Preservation and maximization of legal privilege protection
  • Notifications to and interactions with relevant regulators and authorities
  • Notifications to political risk insurances or other insurance covers
  • Responses to an activist campaign or unsolicited bid approach
  • Management and preservation of key documents to ensure appropriate records are in place in case of potential/future litigation


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