Crisis Management

White & Case Crisis Management Overview

Global firm with the resources and expertise to handle multi-jurisdictional compliance programme design for household-name clients in a number of industries.

The firm is more dynamic and responsive than other firms we have previously used.

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In today's global environment, news of a crisis can spread rapidly, putting at risk the viability and reputation of businesses, governments and their leadership. Every organisation needs a realistic plan in place to respond to unexpected, dynamic and high-impact events, together with an experienced team to navigate the complex demands of multiple stakeholders and legal authorities and in anticipation of all potential material outcomes.

White & Case's multidisciplinary team of experienced lawyers is situated strategically in more than 40 offices around the world. We work collaboratively with boards, crisis management teams, PR and other advisors to support an organisation's response to a crisis.

With increasing regulation, media exposure and stakeholder pressures, a crisis can take many forms:

  • Accidents and natural disasters
  • Health, safety and physical security concerns
  • Environmental disasters
  • Technological failures
  • Cybersecurity data breaches and network attacks
  • Personal data breaches and exposure of confidential or proprietary information
  • Hostile bids
  • Consequences of economic and market forces
  • Defamation claims
  • Criminal allegations
  • Unexpected change in law or withdrawal of permits/licences
  • Military and paramilitary conflict or unexpected political regime change
  • Antitrust dawn raids
  • Civil unrest, protests, strikes or blockades

Our lawyers know how to manage these issues. We bring the skills required to plan for and respond to a crisis, as well as deep industry and cross-border understanding that enables us to provide insightful advice and responsive, fit-for-purpose strategies. Our broad experience comes from advising corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals around the globe and across a wide spectrum of crises, often in extremely sensitive and time-pressured environments.


White & Case takes a three-fold approach to crisis management:

1) Pre-empt: Crisis Prevention and Contingency Planning ›

2) Act: Crisis Response ›

3) Recover: Path to Resolution ›


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