Farhad Jalinous

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“Farhad Jalinous continues to be a leading lawyer in the national security arena, advising on CFIUS reviews. Interviewees say: ‘He is an excellent attorney with in-depth knowledge of the CFIUS area. He is very practical and understands the needs of the client.’”
Chambers Global, 2020


Farhad Jalinous is the Global Head of the Firm's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Reviews & US National Security/CFIUS practice. Farhad routinely represents clients from all over the world, including top Fortune 500 companies, in connection with the regulatory aspects of investing in the United States. His experience includes negotiating some of the most complex and sensitive national security agreements approved by the US government.

In particular, with over 30 years of experience, Farhad represents clients in national security reviews before the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), as well as before several agencies of the US government, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy and other cognizant security agencies, with respect to mitigation of Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) under the applicable national industrial security regulations. He also represents clients in connection with the Team Telecom process.

Farhad routinely represents clients in all stages of the CFIUS process, including conducting due diligence to assess potential areas of national security concern, deal structuring and other strategic planning, negotiating purchase agreement terms to ensure client protection, developing strategies for engaging CFIUS and its member agencies, preparing CFIUS filings and managing follow-up inquiries, negotiating mitigation agreements, and guiding companies through mitigation implementation.

Farhad also routinely represents clients in FOCI adjudications and mitigation negotiations with US government cognizant security agencies. In that regard, he has advised and negotiated numerous majority and minority FOCI mitigation arrangements, including Proxy Agreements, Special Security Agreements, Security Control Agreements and FOCI Board Resolutions.

Farhad is widely regarded as one of the very top CFIUS and FOCI practitioners in the US legal market. For more than a decade, he has been consistently recognized as one of the top-tier CFIUS attorneys (Band 1) by Chambers Global and Chambers USA. He has also been recognized as a top-tier attorney by The Best Lawyers in America 2024. Chambers Global 2023 noted: "Farhad Jalinous is lauded for his capabilities in CFIUS reviews." Interviewees say: "He's very smart, understands commercial objectives and provides advice that is calibrated to considering risks. Farhad is very technically strong, respectful and easy to work with. He has a great business-oriented approach and great instincts on how to handle classified work in the US." Further, clients have also recognized Farhad for his "deep knowledge of the CFIUS process and stakeholders" in The Legal 500 US. Farhad is often quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, American Law Daily, The Daily Deal and others.

Bars and Courts
District of Columbia
Georgetown International Environmental Law Review
Georgetown University Law Center
Georgetown University


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Awards and Recognition

Law360 International Trade MVP (2023, 2017)

Lexology Client Choice Award Winner, M&A in the US, 2024

Hall of Fame by Legal 500 US – International Trade: CFIUS, 2023

Leading Practitioner, Who's Who Legal: Foreign Investment Control, 2024

Featured in Who's Who Legal – Thought Leaders USA, 2024

Expert, Who's Who Legal - M&A and Governance: Foreign Investment Review, 2019-2023

Lexology Client Choice Award Winner, Foreign Investment Review in the US, 2023

Awarded CFIUS Team of the Year at the IFLR Americas Awards, 2021

Chambers Global

Chambers USA

The Best Lawyers in America: International Trade and Finance Law, 2020 – 2024

IFLR1000 2020 Notable Practitioner

Top Lawyer, Washingtonian