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London Autumn Series 2017: Making sense of a fragmenting world

London Autumn Series 2017: Making sense of a fragmenting world

Not since the financial crisis of 2008 has the world experienced the upheaval and uncertainty now being caused by Brexit, the US election of 2016 and related political challenges in the European Union.

The old world order seems to be coming apart, but it is also coming together in new ways, thanks to forces unleashed by international communications and rapid technological change. Business leaders who properly recognise risks as well as opportunities may find the next few years to be a time of transformation, convergence and synergy.

To reflect this, our seminar series will examine the changes in a number of important industries and markets. We begin with the Non Performing Loan market in Southern Europe and how it is adapting to the changing circumstances. We then follow with a review into the nature of contracts affecting the liquefied natural gas market and whether there is new direction towards shorter and more flexible contracts which work alongside an LNG market becoming more global, transparent and tradeable. Later in November, we assemble a panel which will discuss the likely rise of securities litigation and follow on actions and the implications for those involved in listing securities in the UK. Finally, our last event outlines the very topical issue of cybersecurity risk management and the growing threat to business.

At our keynote event Making sense of a fragmenting world our panel, Nick Clegg, former deputy Prime Minister, Rachel Lomax, former Deputy Governor at the Bank of England and Erik Neilsen, Global Chief Economist at Unicredit, moderated by broadcaster John Humphrys, will discuss what will replace the existing systems of co-operation around the world.

Programs include:

Where to now for the long-term gas contract?
September 28

The international LNG business has been built on long-term contracts made under common laws. These foundations have endured well, but are now subject to erosion. In the last few years, the market has seen moves towards shorter contracts, greater flexibility, rights of early termination and gas market pricing.

Making sense of a fragmenting world: As systems for co-operation around the world change what will replace them? (Keynote event- By invitation only)
November 7

As the UK separates from the EU and President Trump puts America first our panel will discuss the changes that are happening to established ways of working and collaborating on the global stage and what will come next.

American import? The growth of securities and class action litigation in the UK
November 14

A number of the biggest cases before the Commercial Court this year feature large groups of Claimants, with listed companies as defendants, the most high-profile being the RBS case. The significant “class action” know-how built up by the firms representing the claimants, taken with the widespread availability of litigation funding is leading to a litigation culture in the UK that is closer to the US than it has ever been.

Cybersecurity risk management and the growing threat
December 4

Cybersecurity has become a buzzword at the moment and for good reason. Companies, banks and other financial institutions face constantly evolving cyber threats and the consequences from a major breach can be colossal, impacting not only data but networks and physical devices as well.