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Biden Asia-Pacific policy and the implications for Japan

When he introduced his foreign policy and security team in November 2020, then President-Elect Biden announced a departure from certain Trump administration policies, stating "America is back, ready to lead the world not retreat from it…". But the Biden administration will face serious challenges in restoring the relationships and alliances the US inherits from the Trump era. In this online discussion, our panel of experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities for a return to US engagement and leadership in the Asia-Pacific region, outline their expectations of the new administration and highlight the important implications for Japan.


Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki
Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki
President of the America-Japan Society, Inc. and former Japanese Ambassador to the US
Dr. Haruo Shimada
Dr. Haruo Shimada
Professor Emeritus, Keio University and Chairperson, Tokyo Metropolitan Publi University Corporation
Ambassador Paul W. Speltz

Ambassador Paul W. Speltz
Chairman and CEO of Global Strategic Associates, LLC, Former US Ambassador and Executive Director to the Asian Development Bank, and Former Financial and Economic Emissary to the People's Republic of China for the US Secretary of the Treasury



Wednesday, February 24,
2021, 8:30 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.
JST (GMT+9:00)

This program is co-hosted by the America-Japan Society, Inc. and closed to people based outside of Japan.