Cybersecurity: Legal implications and risk management

Cybersecurity Risk: Top 5 strategies to build resilience

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The fourth webinar in our 2020 Autumn Webinar Series covered crucial steps you should be taking to protect against cybersecurity threats and what you should do when disaster strikes. Based on real examples, our panel spoke about lessons learned in 2020, looking at what organizations get right – and what often goes wrong.

Cybersecurity attacks are increasing, as are their sophistication and the consequences. Exacerbated by an increasingly remote working environment, theft of information, impersonation, ransom attacks, inadequate vendor security and business email compromise are live risks facing all organisations, potentially leading to huge regulatory fines and significant falls in share prices.  

White & Case Partner Amanda Cowell moderated a panel of expert speakers from legal & regulatory, consulting and industry backgrounds, as they discussed what you should be doing to protect your organisation, the warning signs you may be missing, and how to deal with the reality of a cyber-attack. Our panelists discussed what works, how mistakes are made and identified the key changes you can make to ensure your business is better protected.

Watch in full: "Cybersecurity Risk: Top 5 strategies to build resilience"


See findings from the webinar presented in the graphic below.


Joshua Birch
Joshua Burch, Senior Managing Director and the Head of Cybersecurity for the Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa Region at FTI Consulting
Nick Coleman
Nick Coleman, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Vocalink at MasterCard
Steven R. Chabinsky
Steven R. Chabinsky, Retired Partner of Counsel, White & Case
Amanda Cowell
Amanda Cowell, Partner, White & Case


Autumn Webinar series

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