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New developments in antitrust law: Revolution or evolution?

Antitrust law in the United States may be poised to undergo its most significant overhaul in 60 years. Not since the 1960s has the notion that "big is bad" received so much attention and currency in public policy discussions. Coming off of a US Presidential election year in which candidates openly debated antitrust policy and so-called "tech giants," and US senators and representatives introduced legislation that would, if passed, transform US antitrust laws, the new administration faces antitrust challenges like never before.

This panel will discuss merger review under the proposed new paradigm, the prospects for legislative reforms, and the coming era of antitrust focused on platforms and Big Data.



  • Merger enforcement and the "big is bad" cross-currents
  • A move toward a generalized public interest standard: Will ESG, jobs, and carbon-offsets play a role in merger review?
  • The implications of data regulation and data privacy in US antitrust enforcement
  • Platform regulation and innovation
  • Trends in monopolization cases
  • The intersection of privacy and antitrust
  • Is there a new nationalism in antitrust?
  • Civil enforcement – information exchanges, etc.
  • Cartel enforcement


Mark Gidley

J. Mark Gidley
Partner and Chair of Global Antitrust Practice, White & Case, Washington, DC

Kathryn Mims

Kathryn Mims
Partner, White & Case, Washington, DC

Daniel Sokol

Daniel Sokol
Senior Advisor, White & Case, Washington, DC

Toshio Dokei
Toshio Dokei
Partner, White & Case, Tokyo



Wednesday, March 3, 2021,
9:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. JST


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