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NPLs - latest developments in Europe and Asia

Please join us for a discussion focused on the latest developments in the NPL market across Europe and Asia.

Following Nick Smith’s opening remarks, our guest speakers and panel of experts will discuss the current NPL landscape, including:

  • developments and insights in the bidding process in NPLs;
  • market participants – evolution in their role, new entrants and shift in objectives;
  • regulatory developments;
  • challenges faced by smaller lenders when seeking to dispose of distressed loans;
  • does the effect of COVID moratoria and Government restrictions on business activity have the same impact on bank performance as the financial crisis of 2008 or are things different; and 
  • opportunities  

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., London time


Guest speakers

  • Sèverine Harms-Wille, Intrum
  • Chris Lees, Victoria Asset Management
  • Nick Smith, Interpath Advisory


White & Case Speakers

  • Debashis Dey, White & Case LLP
  • Dennis Heuer, White & Case LLP
  • Victoria Landsbert, White & Case LLP
  • Alexander McMyn, White & Case LLP 
  • Jeffrey Rubinoff, White & Case LLP


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