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US antitrust policy 2021: The evolution revolution continues

Last year, we witnessed the beginning of a sea change in US antitrust policy with a marked shift away from the "Chicago School" of antitrust thought (focused on market concentration analyses and established economic models) towards the more progressive "Neo-Brandeis School" (aimed at reentering antitrust enforcement to protect small businesses and correcting social ills). Now approaching the close of 2021, we can confirm that this shift is indeed seismic: legislators on both sides of the US political spectrum are advocating in varying degrees for an overhaul of US antitrust laws, and "Neo-Brandeis School" thought leader Lina Khan is now the Chair of the Federal Trade Commission (one of the two main US antitrust enforcement agencies). Examining these changes and what may be in store for the future, this webinar will cover:

  • Early White House antitrust moves, including the July, 2021 Executive Order on Competition, and the shift away from "consumer welfare" standard
  • The new antitrust legislation that has been proposed in Congress and in several US states
  • New antitrust enforcers at the agencies, their antitrust philosophies and what to expect from enforcement
  • The new role of ESG and social factors
  • US antitrust enforcement's focus on "Big Tech"
  • And, beyond "Big Tech," what industries may be next
Mark Gidley

J. Mark Gidley
Partner and Chair of Global Antitrust Practice, White & Case, Washington, DC

Kathryn Mims

Kathryn Jordan Mims
Partner, White & Case, Washington, DC

Axel Schulz

Axel Schulz
Partner, White & Case, Brussels, Düsseldorf

Daniel Sokol

D. Daniel Sokol
Senior Advisor, White & Case, Washington, DC

Toshio Dokei
Toshio Dokei
Partner, White & Case, Tokyo



Thursday, October 14, 2021
9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. JST

Virtual event


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