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Erik Hendrickson
Global Media Relations Director
New York
T: +1 212 819 2571

The Americas
Francine Minadeo
Media Relations Manager
New York
T: + 1 646 885 2218

Luis Mocete
Media Relations Manager
New York
T: + 1 646 885 2041

EMEA and Asia
Andrew Newsham
Media Relations Manager
T: +44 20 7532 2670

Andrew Rieley
Media Relations Manager
T: + 44 20 7532 2665

Audrey Forest Teixeira
Communications & Media Relations Manager 
T: + 33 1 55 04 16 10
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In the Media
Elimination of Quotas on Textile and Clothing Imports
December 30, 2004
Foreigners Take Command of Non-Performance
December 2004, Risk Magazine
Business Analysis: No Bridge is Too Far as China Strides to Meet the World
December 12, 2004, The Independent
Hedge-Fund Mania Hits Asia
December 9, 2004, BusinessWeek
New U.S. Hedge Fund Registration Rules Mean New Compliance Burdens For Fund Managers Worldwide
December 8, 2004
Early Payout for Creditors?
December 7, 2004, Daily Deal
The Promise Over the Hill
December 7, 2004, The Times
The Big Chill: Can Anti-stress Programs Help Today’s Beleaguered Workers?
December 6, 2004, US News & World Report
Breaking Free of Law 130
December 1, 2004, International Securitisation Report
Judge Tosses Out Apartheid Lawsuits Targeting US Companies
November 29, 2004, Dow Jones Newswires
EU’s Ex-Trade Commissioner Considers Bid for WTO Helm
November 26, 2004, The Wall Street Journal
Karstadt Fights for Approval of Capital Increase
November 23, 2004, HANDELSBLATT
The New Chinese Counterfeit Game
November 15, 2004, International Herald Tribune
Traditional Values
November 2004, CFO Europe
Pan American Energy Completes First US Dollar Issuance Under New Argentine Tax Regime
November 12, 2004, Latin Lawyer
ABC’s News Election Coverage
November 3, 2004, ABC News
German Stock Corporations Threatened by Increase of Summary Proceedings
November 3, 2004, HANDELSBLATT
Gay and Lesbian Republicans Sue Over "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell"
October 13, 2004, San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press and others
Looking to London's AIM for Fees
October 13, 2004, Bloomberg
EU-US Plan Fight May Turn to Peace Deal
October 7, 2004, Reuters, Bloomberg and others
Exchanges: AIM’s Success Story
October 5, 2004, Trade & Forfaiting Review
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
October 2004, Euroweek "Russia in the Capital Markets" Special Report
Issuance Renaissance Offers Relief
October 2004, Euroweek "Russia in the Capital Markets" Special Report
Microsoft Asks Appeals Court in Europe to Delay Punishment
October 1, 2004, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and others
Gazprom Opens Securitisation Market
October 2004, Euroweek "Russia in the Capital Markets" Special Report
Probing Defenses
October 2004, CFO Europe
Multinational Restructurings
September 20, 2004
A Financial Reformer
September 17, 2004, El Economista
How Zentiva Pulled Off The Country's First IPO In More Than A Decade
September 2, 2004, The Prague Post
September 1, 2004, American Lawyer
Restructuring Continues to Drive Deal-Flow
September 2004, Acquisitions Monthly
White & Case Tops Dealogic’s Latin American Project Finance Table
September 2004, Latin Lawyer
EU, Japan May Win WTO Approval for U.S Import Duties
August 31, 2004, Bloomberg
White & Case to Advise Argentina’s Bondholders
August 23, 2004
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport: Cities Say Building Projects Are Proceeding Improperly
August 10, 2004, The Miami Herald
Follow the Money
August 10, 2004, The Daily Deal
White & Case Sees M&A Opportunities Multiply in Asia
August 6, 2004, M&A Asia
US Slashes Duties on Furniture Firms
August 6, 2004, South China Morning Post
Criminal Antitrust Enforcement
August 3, 2004
Multinational Restructuring Increasingly a Global Affair
August 2, 2004, Sky Radio Network
UK Firms Top Brussels Lobbying List
July 26, 2004, International Financial Law Review
PCA Prepares for Emissions Disputes
July 16, 2004, Platt’s EU Energy
Legal Entry
July 15, 2004, The Economist
Eastern Europe is Draw for Asset-Based Debt
July 13, 2004, The Wall Street Journal Online
Will Saddam Face the Death Penalty
July 5, 2004, “Fox News Live” Television
Tom Winsor on Track for White & Case
July 2004, Daily Telegraph, The Times (London)
Tax Reform Reaches Out
July 2004, ABA Journal
Foreign Funds Audited in Asia
June 23, 2004, The Wall Street Journal
Madame La Présidente
Summer 2004, American Lawyer
New Crisis Looms at Banks
June 7, 2004, The China Standard
District Courts Deciding for Whom the Statute Tolls
June 7, 2004, Tax Analysts
The Early Bank Gets the Worm
June 1, 2004, U.S. Banker
The Calm Before the Storm
June 2004, Asian Legal Business
Your Friend Indeed
May/June 2004, Global Trade Review
Justices Reject Case of Nazi-Looted Art
April 16, 2004, Los Angeles Daily Journal
Avoiding Auctions
May 2004, Acquisitions Monthly
Spam Laws Stifle Global Marketing
May/June 2004, Privacy Laws & Business International Newsletter
Banking on the Future
April 2004, Asian Counsel
Best Practices in Tax Planning
May 2004, Business Finance
How to Get The Deal Through
May 2004, Acquisitions Monthly
Legal Eagles Lay Nests in China
May 12, 2004, China Daily
The Alstom Affair: State Aid in Europe
May 8, 2004, The Economist
Top Legal Firm Gets Beijing Green Light
May 3, 2004, Hong Kong Standard
High Court Preview: International Business, Terror Cases This Month
April 19, 2004, Dow Jones News
In Closely Watched Move, U.K. May Cap Auditor Liability
April 13, 2004, The Wall Street Journal
Turning to Texas
April 2004, American Lawyer
BellSouth Colombia Restructures Debt As Precursor To Regional Sale
April 2004, Latin Lawyer
Speed Demon
April 2004, The American Lawyer
Oracle Tries to Save PeopleSoft Takeover at EU Hearing
March 31, 2004, The Wall Street Journal
EU Rejection of WorldCom-Sprint Merger Goes to Court as Company Looks to Post-Bankruptcy Future
March 30, 2004, The Associated Press
Taxation: Treaty with US May Signal a New Era
March 23, 2004, Financial Times
SEC and IRS Scrutiny: Tax-Free Municipal Bond Fund the Next Scandal?
March 15, 2004, Corporate Governance News
Back to the Track
March 15, 2004, Los Angeles Business Journal
LNG Spurs Financing Hunt as Firms Work to Snare ‘Next Prize’
March 1, 2004, Pipeline & Gas Journal
Blue Sky: Free and Clear
March 2004, Project Finance Magazine
Wellness Programs Put the Focus on Health of Law Firm Employees
February 26, 2004, New York Law Journal
TNK Fights Off Norex in New York Court
February 20, 2004, Vedomosti
Much at Stake for Wind Power in Energy Bill
February 19, 2004, Environment and Energy Daily
Financial Disputes Spawn Three Lawsuits
February 17, 2004, Daily Journal Extra
Cingular Likely to Face, But Survive, Regulatory Scrutiny
February 17, 2004, The Wall Street Journal Online
Feds to Discuss Antitrust Reform
February 16, 2004, The Daily Deal
Who Can Buy and When?
February 9, 2004, Slovak Spectator
Pay Me
February 7, 2004, The Economist
French Court Turns to Punitive Damages
February 2004, International Financial Law Review
Progress in Holocaust Litigation
February 2004, The American Lawyer
Sanofi’s Failed Bid to Seize Aventis Signals a Bend in European Code of Niceness
January 28, 2004, The Newark Star-Ledger
The Hot 100
January 12, 2004, The Lawyer
Europe Effort to Control Pricing is Set Back
January 7, 2004, The New York Times
FTAs: New Challenges and Opportunities
January 1, 2004, Singapore Today
Foreign Managers to Scale Down, Move Into Subadvisory Biz in Japan
January 1, 2004, Global Fund News

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