White & Case
Countries At A Glance — Data Privacy

October 2007
Oliver Brettle, Nicholas Greenacre

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In preparing the country summaries contained in this booklet for global data privacy compliance relating to employees, we have attempted to provide, for guidance only and not as legal advice, the most up-to-date information available on relevant law and practice in each country in the areas of collection and processing of personal data and transfer of personal data. Unless otherwise indicated at the foot of the page, each summary is intended to reflect such law and practice as at 1 October 2007. Please note, however, that recent amendments and legal interpretations of the local law may not be included in these summaries. In addition, facts that are specific to your company may impact how the local laws affect the company's dealings with employees' personal data. With these concerns in mind, companies should not rely on the information provided in these summaries when dealing with their employees' personal data. We would be happy to assist your company in reviewing all pertinent information and developing a comprehensive strategy for data privacy compliance.