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White & Case Partner, Tom Winsor, to Head Independent Review of England & Wales Police Force's Pay and Conditions

London, October 1, 2010 ... Tom Winsor, partner at global law firm White & Case LLP, has been appointed by the Home Secretary to carry out the most comprehensive review of police pay and conditions in more than 30 years. The Home Secretary announced the appointment today.

The review will be independent of government and the police and it will last until June 2011, with an interim report in February 2011. It covers the pay and conditions of all police officers and staff in England & Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own arrangements.

The last successful and implemented review of police pay and conditions was carried out by Lord Edmund-Davies, a Law Lord, in 1978. The Edmund-Davies structure of pay and pay machinery for the police is still in force.

In carrying out the review, Winsor will be assisted by retired Chief Constable Sir Edward Crew and Richard Disney, Professor of Labour Market Economics at the University of Nottingham. He will also have the support of a secretariat of five civil servants from the Home Office. However, this is not a committee review; the conclusions and recommendations will be his alone.

"I am very pleased to accept the Home Secretary's invitation to lead this review. I have always had immense respect for the police and the work they do and will be guided throughout the review by the overriding principle of fairness: fairness to individual police officers and staff, and fairness to the taxpayer," commented Winsor. "Moreover, I want to ensure that this is not a review at 'arm's length.' I have every intention of spending time with police officers at the frontline so I have a clear view of the challenges they face."

Winsor was the Rail Regulator from 1999 to 2004, when he joined White & Case's Energy, Infrastructure, Project and Asset Finance practice in its London office.

"As one of the leading international law firms which has had an office in London for nearly 40 years, we are, and want to continue to be, an active participant, not only in business, but in the wider community," added Oliver Brettle, Executive Partner for White & Case in London. "White & Case has a strong reputation for public service internationally, and the opportunity to provide the expertise of one of our partners for such a major and far-reaching review is one we welcome."

White & Case is a global law firm with 36 offices across 25 countries. It has been in London for almost 40 years and its full-service City of London office is now the second largest in its network, with more than 340 legal staff. The Firm has a strong track record of both public service, which has been key to the Firm's ethos since it was founding, and advising sovereign clients. The Firm has advised more than 60 sovereign nations on a range of complex legal, transactional and regulatory matters

About the review
The terms of reference of the review require the making of recommendations on how to use remuneration and conditions of service to support and remove restrictions to:
  • maximise the deployment of police officers and operational staff to frontline roles for which their powers and skills are required;
  • enable modern management practices for police officers and staff, including the use of remuneration as a management tool, in line with practices elsewhere in the public sector and the economy;
  • provide remuneration and conditions of service that are fair and reasonable for both the public taxpayer and police officers and staff.

The Home Secretary has initiated this review in the light of the UK's tough economic conditions and unprecedented public sector deficit, and the coalition government's spending review. The review will also take into account wider government objectives for police reform, including the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners, the reduction of police bureaucracy and collaboration between the police and other public services.

About White & Case
White & Case LLP is a leading global law firm with lawyers in 36 offices in 25 countries. Among the first US-based law firms to establish a truly global presence, we provide counsel and representation in virtually every area of law that affects cross-border business. Our clients value both the breadth of our global network and depth of our US, English and local law capabilities in each of our regions and rely on us for their complex cross-border transactions, arbitration and litigation provided by our global practices.

Tom Winsor is a partner in the energy, infrastructure and project finance practice of White & Case in London. He joined White & Case in July 2004 after five years as the UK's Rail Regulator and International Rail Regulator. As Rail Regulator, Winsor was a member of the group of nine economic regulators of the UK, and the senior member of the Convention of European rail regulatory authorities. In his period in office (1999-2004), he carried out two major reviews of the structure and level of charges for the use of the national railway infrastructure (October 2000 and December 2003), and reformed the regulatory, economic and contractual matrix for the railway industry. His legal practice at White & Case covers the railway, electricity and oil and gas industries, industry restructuring, the regulation of markets and advising both public and private sector clients on complex and high-value projects in those fields. It also covers regulatory design, regulatory dynamics and public law. He is also the co-author of Taylor and Winsor on Joint Operating Agreements, and is the consulting editor of the Railways volume of Halsbury's Laws of England.

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