White & Case
  Asset Finance

Maximizing the return on investment in capital intensive assets requires complex judgments about business needs, tax and accounting rules, and a variety of legal issues – often across multiple jurisdictions with conflicting laws. Our extensive experience in aircraft, equipment and facility finance transactions governed by English and US law, as well as the depth of our resources in multiple jurisdictions around the world, gives White & Case’s clients a unique advantage on these matters.

White & Case is a recognized leader in leasing, asset-based financial structures and structured financial transactions around the world. We have been involved in every significant development in the cross-border market for equipment and facility financing, and we have pioneered many of the tax, legal and financial structures used in countries around the world.

Practice Highlights

  • In the past 10 years, White & Case has helped structure and execute more than US$70 billion in aircraft, equipment and facility finance transactions.
  • Our team includes more than 50 lawyers in New York, London and more than a dozen other key commercial cities around the world. 
  • We provide guidance on a broad range of capital equipment and facility financings, and are particularly active in:
    • Aircraft, engines and flight simulators
    • Cogeneration facilities
    • Containers
    • Drilling platforms and rigs
    • Nuclear power simulators and generating assets
    • Electricity generation, distribution and transmission equipment and facilities
    • Gas distribution and transmission equipment and facilities
    • Mining equipment
    • Oil and chemical storage facilities
    • Vessels

Finding a Better Way
For decades, we have been leading the way in finding and applying ground-breaking tax, legal and financial structures that optimize the financial position of our clients. We have designed many of the most widely used structures for complex transactions.  And we are continuing to innovate on behalf of our clients.

Local Knowledge, Global Profits
Our closely linked global network of 39 offices gives us access to vital local information in jurisdictions around the world. Our clients take advantage of this knowledge to optimize their financial position.  For instance, we have helped numerous clients structure and execute double-dip and triple-dip transactions, which provide them with financial benefits from the arbitrage attributable to differing tax and accounting rules in multiple jurisdictions.

A Strategy Tailored for You
We represent the full spectrum of participants in asset finance transactions – including equity investors, lenders, lessors, lessees, investment advisors, corporate trustees, providers of credit, joint venturers, and debt and equity syndicates. Because we understand the different needs of all these participants, we can craft a strategy that is designed to help our clients reach their business goals.

Draw Upon Our Integrated Practices
Asset finance transactions can raise a variety of tax and legal issues in multiple jurisdictions, and White & Case has extensive experience in a broad range of disciplines to provide the necessary support and assistance. Our asset finance team can always call on the full resources of our deep bench of legal professionals with extensive experience in tax, project finance, bankruptcy and insolvency, bank regulation, environmental, public utility, real estate and securities law.