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Jiří Herczeg

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Jiří Herczeg works as counsel at the Prague office of White & Case and is a member of the disputes and arbitration practice, while his primary focus is on criminal law and economic crime ("white-collar crime"). In the field of criminal law, Mr. Herczeg ranks among the leading experts in the Czech Republic. Among the numerous roles that he has filled in the past is that of expert investigator at the Czech Police in charge of economic crime.

Aside from economic criminal law, Mr. Herczeg's legal practice also encompasses constitutional law, the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms, and proceedings before both the Czech Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights. Mr. Herczeg holds multiple academic degrees from both the faculty of law and the faculty of mathematics and physics of Charles University in Prague. He is a lecturer at the department of criminal law of the law faculty of Charles University, and is currently also a legal practitioner (in his capacity as a licensed attorney).

Mr. Herczeg's publishing activities center around issues of substantive criminal law and the protection of the accused's rights in criminal proceedings. In 2005, he received the Bolzano Prize in recognition of his work. He has also contributed as co-author to textbooks on substantive and procedural criminal law, such as "Trestní právo hmotné, I. a II." (Substantive Criminal Law, Vol. I and II), and "Trestní právo procesní" (Procedural Criminal Law).

Jiří Herczeg is also one of the co-authors of the monograph: Jelínek, J., Herczeg, J.: "Zákon o trestní odpovědnosti právnických osob a řízení proti nim. Komentář s judikaturou" (Corporate Criminal Liability Act and Criminal Proceedings against Legal Entities- Commentary and Case Law), 2nd ed., Prague: Leges, 2013 (256 pp), and teaches a course at the law faculty entitled: "Selected Issues concerning Criminal Liability of Legal Entities". In his capacity as a practicing attorney-at-law (advokát), he has acted as counsel in a number of cases in which companies in the building industry were exposed to criminal prosecution.

Bars and Courts

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  • Doc, JUDr, PhD, Charles University, Faculty of Law, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Mgr, Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Prague, Czech Republic


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