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  Employment, Compensation & Benefits

Today, more people than ever before are covered by executive compensation and employee benefits plans and agreements, which have become vital tools to attract and retain top talent.  In order to get the most from these arrangements, companies and top executives turn to us. We provide guidance on the entire spectrum of executive compensation and employee benefit concerns.

Practice Highlights

  • With more than 100 professionals located in New York, London and 26 other cities throughout the world, we provide both local and global perspectives to your compensation and benefits issues.
  • Cutting-edge advice on employment, severance and change-in-control agreements, and stock option, equity and other incentive compensation plans.

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Designing the Best Employee Benefit Plan for You
We help businesses create employee benefit plans that comply with the complex and rapidly changing rules of tax, pension, employment, and securities laws. We help craft these plans so that they provide maximum flexibility and tax-favored benefits to employees, while also imposing the lowest after-tax cost on plan sponsors. After plans are in place, we continue to offer ways to update plans to take full advantage of changes in the legal environment.

Protecting Plan Fiduciaries
Benefit plan trustees, fiduciaries and service providers need to tread carefully, because of potential prohibited transactions, investment requirements and other fiduciary responsibilities. For decades, we’ve carefully guided fiduciaries, helping them to remain in compliance with evolving laws.

Compensating Top Executives
We help both executives and companies structure incentive and compensation packages that keep key employees satisfied and motivated. Our guidance covers the full array of compensation arrangements, including employment, severance and change-in-control agreements; and stock option, equity and other incentive compensation plans. Golden parachutes and compensation in excess of $1 million create special complications. We provide the knowledge to deal with these concerns.

Capitalizing on Benefit Plans for M&A Deals
Employee benefit plans are playing an increasingly important role in M&A deals. These plans are used in financings, takeover defenses and a variety of other ways. As a result, buyers, sellers, lenders and plan fiduciaries all are interested in using these plans to their best advantage – and we show them how, without violating governing laws and rules.

Resolving Complex, Interrelated Issues
Employee benefit matters are often intertwined with other legal issues. To deliver the best solutions, we marshal the talents of our litigation, securities, banking, employment, and corporate law colleagues – as well as draw on the talents of experienced lawyers working in our offices around the world. As a result, we’re the first choice for many top executives and companies seeking help with complex, global benefit, and compensation challenges.