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Green Initiative

We are concerned for the sustainability of the environment and we are working to improve our sustainable management practices.

Through our Green Initiative, which leverages the knowledge of our our Environment & Climate Change practice and Responsible Business Group, we share best practices across our global network that reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, our employees and our suppliers. The initiative is overseen by the Head of Global Citizenship and our Environmental Sustainability Committee, which comprises representatives from each region in which we operate, and our global procurement and IT functions.

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Decrease in the Firm’s carbon emissions per FTE since 2012


Our Environmental Sustainability Policy

  • Ensure that we comply with all regulatory requirements and voluntary codes of practice applicable to each office
  • Prevent pollution from our activities
  • Implement sustainable waste management practices across the Firm in order to minimize the quantity of waste we produce and maximize the amount of waste we recycle
  • Identify key resources used by each office and implement measures to ensure that we use those resources in an efficient manner
  • Effectively manage our carbon emissions through continuing to improve the energy efficiency of our premises and effectively measuring the environmental impacts of our business travels
  • Work with our suppliers and employees to promote and improve environmental performance



Decrease in the Firm’s total reported carbon emissions since 2012


Firm actions to reduce our environmental impact

  • In 2019, we completed our third carbon emission assessment in collaboration with Greenstone and learned the following:
    • Since 2012, the Firm’s total reported emissions have decreased by 29% and per FTE by 36%. This is a combination of decreased consumption and greener utility grids.
    • Our two largest sources of emissions continue to be air travel and electricity at 44% each.
    • According to an analysis of sites where comparable data is available, we have reduced our electricity consumption by 37% since 2012.
  • Our Environmental Sustainability Committee has concluded a global pilot for a new Environmental Management System (EMS) that establishes a set of core practices and formalizes plans in each office to continue to reduce our environmental footprint. Many offices have already adopted a wide range of practices, and the full EMS will be implemented throughout our offices during 2019.
  • Our Global Office Design Guidelines include sustainability principles to promote green practices in all aspects of office design.
  • We have adopted many practices to reduce single-use plastics.
  • Our annual Global Green Campaign, established in 2013, informs our people about important environmental issues, steps the Firm is taking, and ways we can all play a part in finding solutions.


For more detail about our activities, please contact Jo Weiss, Head of Global Citizenship.


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