Dawn Raid Analysis Quarterly

White & Case Dawn Raid Analysis Quarterly (DRAQ) is an information resource on surprise on-the-spot inspections (dawn raids) across Europe. Here we will guide you through the latest updates and legal developments.

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The White & Case Dawn Raid Analysis Quarterly (DRAQ) is an information and discussion resource regarding surprise on-the-spot inspections by antitrust authorities (dawn raids) across Europe. DRAQ provides updates on recent case law, enforcement activity and trends.

Q1 2024 at a glance

In Q1 2024, European competition regulators carried out a total of 12 dawn raids, two fewer than in the same period last year. The most active regulators in Q1 2024 were the Irish, French and Greek competition authorities, with two dawn raids each.

The most targeted sectors in Q1 2024 were the health and safety and energy sectors (two dawn raids per sector) carried out by the Finnish, French and Slovakian authorities. The health and safety sector was also one of the most targeted sectors in Q4 2023.

Noteworthy for Q1: In January 2024, the European Commission announced that it had raided a number of tyre makers in several EU countries over concerns that inspected companies may have engaged in restrictive business practices.

We provide more statistics below on the number of raids and the sectors impacted, including a country-by-country list, available through our Interactive Dawn Raid map.

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