Jessup Competitors Guide


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White & Case Jessup Competition Resources

In an effort to help prepare students to participate in the Jessup, the Firm created the White & Case Jessup Guide. The White & Case Jessup Guide is a student-focused "how-to" manual containing recommendations on competing in the Jessup. The White & Case Jessup Guide features instructional video clips which correspond with recommendations in the Jessup Oral Pleadings section. We hope Jessup competitors and coaches will find the Guide and video clips valuable resources for getting the most out of participating in the Jessup.





Road map - Applicant
IRAC method
Lead with the law
Arguments not contained in your memorial
Common judge question
Bringing judges back to road map

Ask to clarify a question
Transitioning to another issue
Active bench
Cite specific law or Compromis section
Conclusion without time left
Inconsistencies between pleadings
Questions about Co-Agent's argument

Road map - Respondent
Read your opponent's memorial
Respondent clarifies facts or law


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