Green LNG


Liquified natural gas (LNG) is expected to play an increasingly important role in driving decarbonization and bridging the move to net-zero worldwide. "Green LNG," or carbon-neutral LNG, is developing as a new commodity in the LNG market, as LNG sellers look to ensure LNG plays a prominent role in the changing energy landscape.

As one of the world's premier providers of legal services to the global energy markets, White & Case is at the forefront of energy transition and offers a true breadth of experience across the LNG value chain.

Our established track record of success allows us to bring unrivaled experience and depth of resources to our clients' projects, transactions and disputes, along with a clear focus on getting their deals completed efficiently.

We understand the complex coordination required, at all stages of the LNG chain, to ensure success. More importantly, we understand the different needs and concerns of each participant in the LNG value chain, and provide intelligent and swift resolution to whatever commercial, financing, structuring and documentation issues that may arise.

The push toward a greener LNG sector is coming from many stakeholders. There are shareholders and lenders that invest in and fund LNG producers and who will require an acceptable carbon status to commit capital. Governments and domestic consumers will also start to play a part in demanding that the fuel mix for their energy market is sufficiently green.

Although in its infancy, there have been some relatively high-profile examples of carbon- neutral cargoes being delivered. Carbon-neutral spot cargoes have been supplied by many global oil & gas companies in recent months, and our global LNG team is poised to assist clients in navigating the new operating environment. We support our clients in successfully adapting their strategies and business models while the LNG markets are evolving.


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