White & Case Partner Tim Sheddick On His Career Spent With Client Macquarie, Truck Driving and Star Wars

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Following his role advising Macquarie on its purchase of a 60% stake in the U.K.'s National Grid, White & Case partner Tim Sheddick spoke to Law.com about his career and developing his relationship with Macquarie.

Explaining why he became a lawyer, Sheddick said: "I saw when growing up how the law impacts on every aspect of life—for better and for worse— and wanted to be able to get involved in some small way in helping people and businesses navigate that."

Commenting on his long-standing relationship with Macquarie, Sheddick said: "I first worked for the infrastructure funds business at Macquarie as a newly qualified lawyer in 2000 (when they were looking at one of their first investments in Europe) and have pretty much spent my entire career working with them since. It has been amazing to see how they have so successfully grown their business across the world and to have, from time to time, played a small role in helping them do this."

Sheddick said his proudest moments in the job are "every time you have a team really pull together to deliver against a tight deadline and exceed client expectations feels special and still gives me a huge sense of achievement."

The full interview can be found online here (paywall).

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