Axel Schulz

Partner, Brussels, Düsseldorf


A partner in the Firm’s Brussels and Düsseldorf offices, Axel Schulz’s advisory practice focuses on merger control, cartel defence and competition law disputes before the European courts.


Axel is the Executive Partner of the Brussels office. He supports clients with a broad range of German and European Commission competition law matters.

He offers clients the benefit of his significant experience in this field, having handled merger control cases involving collective dominance and countervailing buyer power, as well as structural links issues in industries including aluminum, paper, energy, automotive, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Axel's varied sector knowledge is matched by his deep understanding of the cross-border intricacies of competition and antitrust law. The international dimension to his practice enables him to guide both domestic and multinational companies through whatever competitive issues they are faced with, regardless of their scale or multijurisdictional complexity.

Axel's significant track record in this area includes a number of high profile cases, such as 'Toshiba v. Commission' – in which the General Court of the European Union annulled in full the €90.9 million fine imposed on Toshiba by the European Commission, for its alleged participation in the Gas Insulated Switchgear cartel. He also worked on Toshiba's Cathode Ray Tube appeal, as well as the oral hearings in T-113/07 before the European Court of Justice, and the Transformers (Case COMP/39.129) hearing before the General Court.

Regularly called upon to head up teams of the Firm's lawyers, Axel is also noted for his skill in coordinating advice across multiple offices and territories, to provide his clients with clear and creative solutions to their problems.

Axel is a particularly valued resource for clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Recognized as a leading life sciences lawyer by Who's Who Legal 2012, he has developed a strong track record of helping clients with competition law issues in the fields of distribution, co-marketing, licensing and other kinds of vertical and horizontal cooperation agreements.

A respected authority on the latest competition and antitrust issues, Axel writes regularly for leading legal publications and was honored with the Institute of Competition Law's 2012 Antitrust Writing Award.

Bars and Courts
Munich Bar
Brussels Bar (E list)
European Law
College of Europe, Bruges
Law Degree
University of Konstanz
University of Lyon


Speaking Engagements

Competition Law in the Pharma Sector 2018 "Merger Control in the Pharmaceutical Sector", 4 December 2018: Informa, Brussels, Belgium (Speaker)

Advanced EU Competition Law "Current Practical Challenges in Merger Control", 21 November 2018: Informa, Brussels, Belgium (Speaker)

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MedTech Summit "Recent antitrust developments in the pharma field", 11 June 2018: Informa/ Knecht 365, Brussels, Belgium (Speaker)

Annual Seminar on Merger Control & State Aid "Merger Control of International M&A Transactions & Joint Ventures", 10-11 May 2017 & 29-30 May 2018: Europa-Institut, Saarbrücken, Germany (Speaker)

European Pharma Law Academy "Article 101 – Vertical and Horizontal Relationships" & "Competition law and IPRs in the pharma sector", 13 September 2017: IBC, Cambridge, United Kingdom (Speaker)

The Global Antitrust Economics Conference "Market Manipulation in the Financial & Energy Sectors", 7 October 2016: Concurrences + Searle Center on Law, Regulation and Economic Growth at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, Chicago, United States of America (Speaker)

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Mr. Schulz frequently publishes articles, one of which was honored with the 2012 Antitrust Writing Award by the Institute of Competition Law. He also speaks on various EU law matters, including the following:

"EU Merger Control", Merger Control Comparative Guide (4th Edition), The Legal 500, October 2019 (with Anna Kertesz, Veronica Pinotti, Jan Jeram, Daniel J. Rosenthal and Martino Sforza)

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European Editor (from January to December 2007), Lloyd's Law Report: Pharma

Awards and Recognition

Recommended for Antitrust law, JUVE, 2016

Mention: Competition: EU and global, Legal 500, EMEA 2016

Leading Lawyer: Life Sciences, Who's Who Legal 2012

Best Business Anticompetitive Practices Article, Antitrust Writing Awards 2012
Institute of Competition Law