Daniel González Estrada

Local Partner, Mexico City



Daniel González joined the Firm in 2012. His practice focuses on civil, commercial and bankruptcy litigation, as well as amparo writs, with emphasis on commercial and civil law matters. Mr. González has been actively participating in most important commercial insolvency proceedings of different national companies representing several and strong credits and banking institutions before Mexican courts in credits recovering. Mr. González participated in the first ruling that was issued in 2015, by the Supreme Court concerning corporation bylaws prohibiting hostile takeovers, regarding Mexican airports regulation as a government strategic activity. Mr. González has been involved and participated on several trials and controversies regarding railroad disputes representing one of the most important companies with activities in Mexico. In 2010, Mr. González was named Federal Civil and Commercial Trials Director in the Attorney General's Office in Mexico (Procuraduría General de la República), defending national interests. As a civil and commercial matters director, Mr. González reviewed and supervised many of the trials in which national interests were disputed against particular citizens, some of them as a plaintiff and others as a defendant. Mr. González achieved several favorable definitive rulings, many of which were processed before the National Supreme Court of Justice. His work encompasses the rescue of national properties, including islands and strategic real estate, from touristic complex projects and developments by local and foreign corporations that do not secure due environmental or any other due licenses. Some of the trials in which the federation was a party were those proceedings regarding the telecommunications and transportation sectors, defending national assets including railroads and the telecom national property spectrum band. Mr. González also defends the national interests from civil and administrative liability claims in which the citizens (plaintiffs) demand high amounts for such liability attributable to officers of the government regarding irregular activities. Prior to joining White & Case, Mr. González worked in a prestigious firm that practices commercial, civil, family and bankruptcy litigation. He managed several trials in Mexican local and federal courts, including the Supreme Court of Justice, defending several clients.
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Authorized to practice law in Mexico
Attorney at Law (Abogado)
Universidad Latinoamericana