Dr. Markus Burianski

Partner, Frankfurt


“Markus Burianski excels in legal strategy for international and complex arbitrations; very proactive and he achieves the desired results through consistent efforts with a client-focused approach, and another referee states he is ‘fast, thorough, precise, clear, very personable.’”
Legal 500, Germany, Arbitration 2021


Head of White & Case's German arbitration practice, Markus' work focuses on national and international dispute resolution. He represents German domestic and multinational clients in a variety of court and arbitration proceedings, including those conducted under the ICC, DIS, UNCITRAL, SIAC, ICDR, ICSID, VIAC and Swiss rules. In addition, Markus regularly acts as a sole arbitrator, chair and co-arbitrator as well as a German-law "expert" in national and international arbitration proceedings.

At ease with the multijurisdictional intricacies of international arbitration matters, he has significant experience of supporting clients with complex disputes relating to supply contracts, energy law, post-M&A matters, and liability issues (including managing directors' liability). Markus also regularly advises clients on issues relating to private international law and cross-border litigation (jurisdiction, service, taking of evidence and enforcement).

Clients that have benefited from his knowledge and experience come primarily from the automotive, energy (including renewable energy), electronics, and financial services sectors.

Prior to joining White & Case, Markus worked in Brussels for a renowned US law firm, with a particular focus on litigation relating to competition and international trade law before the courts of the EU.

Markus is a prolific author on arbitration law and is an active member of several professional associations, including the German Lawyers' Association (DAV), the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS), the ICC Commission on Arbitration, the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA), the Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht e.V. (an association with a special interest in antitrust law) and the ASA Below-40 (Association Suisse de L'Arbitrage).

Markus teaches international arbitration at the Institute for Law and Finance of the Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main and is an active member of White & Case's award-winning International Arbitration Practice, which is ranked No. 1 in the world by Global Arbitration Review for the fifth time in a row and has been described by Chambers Europe 2018 as the "Leading international arbitration outfit".

Bars and Courts
Dr iur
University of Cologne
Second State Exam
Higher Regional Court of Cologne
University of Hull
First State Exam
University of Cologne


Oil & Gas Consortia
Successful representation of an oil & gas consortium in an ICC arbitration against an Arab state arising from the political turmoil of the Arab spring.

EPC Contractor
Successful representation of an Indian EPC Contractor in two independent arbitrations (ICC and ad hoc, seated in Cairo and Amman) against an Arab state arising from a civil war. The proceedings concerned the construction of overhead power lines. Applicable law was that of the Arab state.

Car Manufacturer
Ongoing representation of a major German car manufacturer with regard to Force Majeure and Hardship-claims brought by numerous suppliers arising from the global semiconductor shortage, the Ukraine war, soaring raw material and energy costs, etc.

Taiwanese Photovoltaic Company
Representation of a Taiwanese manufacturer of photovoltaic components in a EUR 130-million ICC arbitration against a German supplier about the termination of a long-term supply agreement for economic hardship.

Foreign Energy Producer
Advice to a foreign energy producer regarding potential ECT claims against Germany arising out of changes to the regulatory framework.

Japanese Renewable Investor
Representation of a Japanese renewable investor in an ICSID ECT arbitration against Spain related to feed-in-tariff.

Speaking Engagements

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"COVID-19 - Crisis management also required in many legal areas", Webinar, Frankfurt, 24 March 2020

8th Conference "Universities, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development in Africa", Presentation on "Effective legal protection through arbitration – a success factor for SMEs", 20 February 2020, Sankt Augustin

Panelist at "GDPR-International arbitration meets data protection: practical guidance for compliance", November 2018: Fordham International Arbitration and Mediation Conference, Fordham University, New York

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Awards and Recognition

Best Lawyer Germany in Arbitration and Mediation, International Arbitration, Litigation, Handelsblatt 2017-2023

"Markus Burianski excels in legal strategy for international and complex arbitrations; very proactive and he works out the desired results through consistent efforts with a client-centric approach"
The Lawdragon Litigation Global 500, International Arbitration, 2021

"Global Leader International Arbitration" 2023 Who's Who Legal

"National Leader International Arbitration" 2023 Who's Who Legal

Dispute Resolution Star – International Arbitration; Benchmark Litigation Europe 2020

Dispute Resolution, Arbitration Counsel, Chambers Germany 2019-2023

Highly Recommended Lawyer:

Dispute Resolution, JUVE 2020/2022

Dispute Resolution – Germany, The Legal 500 Germany, 2022

Dispute Resolution Expert: P.R.I.M.E. Finance