Diversity championing LGBT+ colleagues

Championing LGBT+

Championing LGBT+ colleagues


We provide a wide range of activity and programs to support, empower and advance our LGBT+ colleagues. From celebrating Pride and LGBT+ History Months to networking, professional development and a number of social events. 

  • Spectrum LGBT+ Affinity Network (London, US and Germany): Supporting the Firm’s community of LGBT+ lawyers and business services colleagues, while working on opportunities to increase the recruitment, retention and development of LGBT+ people. Spectrum spearheads our global Pride and LGBT+ History Month celebrations, while also informing programs and policies to ensure we’re offering a Firm that works for everyone
  • Sponsorships of LGBT+ professional development and career conferences, including the National LGBT Bar Association’s annual Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair, DiversCity in Law in London and ProutatWork in Germany
  • Annual global and in-country Pride, Black Pride and LGBT Month celebrations 
  • Personalized outreach to law school LGBT+ affinity groups including OUTlaw and Lambda
  • National Coming Out Day celebrations with office-wide stories from our people



Wheatley Joanne Diversity

Spectrum facilitates a number of educational and celebratory engagements for LGBT+ and non-LGBT+ colleagues, ensuring that everyone feels included and understands why the Firm has such a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Joanne Wheatley, Business Analyst 
Jack Klaren Diversity

The Firm has made it a priority to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Jack Klaren, Associate
Hogg Richard Diversity

Since joining the Firm, I've felt and experienced very positive LGBT+ support and acknowledgement. It has been a proud experience so far.

Richard Hogg, Director of Information Governance