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Empowering our people

Empowering our people


Our Networks are open to everyone at the Firm, including allies. Being a member means being part of a global community dedicated to identifying personal and professional development and networking opportunities, including coaching and mentoring, while also providing opportunities to raise concerns, challenges or provide feedback and advocate for change. 

Our networks include:

  • Black Affinity Networks (US and EMEA): Promoting the cultural awareness and history of the Black experience and supporting on recruitment and development programs, cultivating Black leaders at the Firm
  • Minority Ethnic Affinity Networks: Supporting underrepresented and minority colleagues in our offices in Germany and London
  • Alianza Affinity Network: Promoting cultural awareness of the LatinXAmerican experience for colleagues in the US, while supporting on a number of recruitment and development initiatives
  • Asian Affinity Network: Supporting Asian lawyers and business services colleagues
  • Spectrum LGBT+ Affinity Network (London, US and Germany): Supporting the Firm's community of LGBT+ lawyers and business services colleagues, while working on opportunities to increase the recruitment, retention and development of LGBT people.
  • Middle Eastern Affinity Network: Providing a sense of community and belonging for lawyers and business services colleagues of Middle Eastern background
  • 25 Local Women’s Networks with representation in 40 of our offices, offering professional development, networking and support opportunities to women lawyers and business services professionals
  • Our Diversity and Inclusion Learning Clubs aim to engage everyone on issues of diversity, inclusion and belonging through book, article and movie discussions
Ivan Navedo

Alianza is constantly providing training and support for Latinx students who will develop into the next generation of lawyers, while also advocating for its members within the Firm

Ivan Navedo, Associate

The Asian affinity network supports the visibility, professional growth and advancement of Asian-Pacific lawyers across the Firm.

Clemency Wang, Associate
McNamee Erin Diversity

I love being part of Spectrum (especially now as co-chair) because it has given me support and community at work.

Erin McNamee, Associate