It's about inclusion

As One Firm with lawyers in offices around the world, we are always working to strike a balance between understanding and respecting our many cultures and developing a single, strong core value system throughout the Firm.

Our position as one of the first US-based law firms to establish a truly global presence has meant that we provide counsel and representation in virtually every area of law that affects cross-border business. Diversity for us is not a choice—it is a professional imperative.

Our strategies for achieving success in this area have centered on dedicating resources to recruiting talent widely, retaining the best and promoting equitably.


Dedicating resources

Establishing a permanent global diversity function led by Executive Partners for Diversity and the Women's Initiative, Arlene Hahn and Carina Radford, respectively, who oversee Global, US and London Diversity Committees and the Global Women’s Initiative Committee, comprising partners who are all passionate about diversity and inclusion.

Institutionalizing the diversity initiative with full-time Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Maja Hazell, a lawyer and former law school Dean of Career Development.

Encouraging constant collaboration between the diversity department and other Firm departments, including recruitment, professional development, social responsibility and marketing, to ensure implementation of best practices in providing appropriate training and opportunities for our lawyers.