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2023 Volunteer Champion and Leadership Awards

Each year, White & Case honors a select group of individuals with our Volunteer Champion and Leadership Awards in recognition of their substantial contributions to our charitable and community projects. The following people were recognized in 2023 for work done throughout the year.

We also give awards for Pro Bono, which you can view here.

Regional Volunteer Champions

  • Gabrielle Barnett, Practice Assistant, Brussels
  • Allana Docking, Senior Manager of Business Development & Marketing, Hong Kong
  • Dana Foster, Partner, Washington, DC

Volunteer Leaders

  • Andrea Amulic, Associate, New York
  • Dariya Babyak, Associate, Paris
  • Jeanine Barmonde, Senior Manager, Administrative Services, New York
  • Beatriz Barros, Associate, São Paulo
  • Lisa Bekiersz, EMEA Learning and Development Coordinator, London
  • Nikki Colleran, Lateral Recruitment Manager, London
  • Oliver Dean, Associate, London
  • Marjorie Delcourt, Event Specialist, Brussels
  • Olga Fedosova, Partner, Paris
  • Theresa Ferrero, Practice Assistant, Washington, DC
  • Chikako Fujii, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Tokyo
  • Kit Goodfellow, Associate, London
  • Lauren Gorab, Associate, New York
  • Steph Lartey, Associate, London
  • Sara Nordin, Partner, Brussels
  • Celina Oliveira, Guest Services Coordinator, São Paulo
  • Chunlei Pang, Associate, Shanghai
  • Sandra Rafferty, Partner, London
  • Linda Sim, Partner, Los Angeles
  • Carmen Steeno, Practice and Events Assistant, Brussels
  • Jeffrey Stellhorn, Executive Assistant, Washington, DC
  • Nataliia Tuzheliak, Associate, Paris
  • Rocio Velasco, Practice Assistant, Los Angeles
  • Amanda Wilkinson, Office Manager, Washington, DC
  • Natalie Woods, Practice Assistant, London


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