White & Case Global Antitrust Merger StatPak

White & Case’s Global Antitrust Merger StatPak (WAMS) is a resource providing information on merger control filing activity by competition authorities around the world. The WAMS survey currently includes filing data from 61 of the most active merger control jurisdictions in the world.

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White & Case Global Antitrust Merger StatPak (WAMS)

as of May 11, 2022


WAMS Takeaways at a glance

  • Q1 2022 data indicates merger filing activity is still brisk but is cooling off from 2021 levels
    • Q1 2022 (January–March) merger filing activity shows an overall decrease of 15% as compared to Q1 2021 in the nine jurisdictions reporting 2022 monthly data.
    • In the United States, after a record year in 2021, US merger filing activity in Q1 2022 was down by 21% as compared to Q1 2021. However, the 2022 level of merger filings is still at a historically high level:  Q1 2022 US merger filing activity is up over 51% as compared to the historical 12 year average (2011-2022).
  • Global Filing Trends for 2021 
    • Worldwide: In 2021, worldwide merger notifications across 49 jurisdictions reporting data show that notifications have increased 34% in 2021 as compared to the 2016-2020 average.
    • United States: US merger filings hit a 20-year high in calendar year 2021. US merger filings were 96% higher in 2021 than in 2020, and 93% higher than 2019 levels.
    • United Kingdom: Brexit has not led to a substantial increase in merger filings yet.
    • Middle East and North Africa: As merger control regimes have matured, the region has seen a steady increase in merger control filings in the Middle East/North Africa region.
    • Germany: Filings dropped less than anticipated following increases in its merger filing thresholds in 2021. 


Q1 2022 Merger Filing Data


Global Filing Trends for 2021


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