NERC Case Notes: Reliability Standard INT-001-2


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Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, FERC Docket No. NP10-141-000 (July 6, 2010)

Reliability Standard: INT-001-2

Requirement: R1

Violation Risk Factor: Lower

Violation Severity Level: Not provided

Region: WECC

Issue: LADWP self-reported that it did not submit an arranged interchange e-tag at the expected average MW profile for hour ending 0100 on February 26, 2008.

Finding: Duration of violation was from February 26, 2008, the date on which LADWP failed to submit the required e-tag, through May 29, 2008, when LADWP completed its mitigation plan. The violation did not pose a serious or substantial risk to the reliability of the bulk power system because even though failure to submit this data results in missing information from Regional Security Analysis Services used to determine the anticipated loading on transmission paths, WECC’s Regional Security Analysis Service addresses only certain qualified paths and the transaction at issue in the violation was not scheduled on one of the qualified paths. LADWP received credit for self-reporting the violation.

Penalty: $225,000 (aggregate for multiple violations)

FERC Order: Issued Oct. 8, 2010 (no further review)