NERC FFT Reports: Reliability Standard BAL-001-0


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New Smyrna Beach, Utilities Commission of (NSB), Docket No. RC13-10, June 27, 2013

Reliability Standard: BAL-001-0

Requirement: 1, 2

Region: FRCC

Issue: NSB, as a BA, self-reported an issue with BAL-001-0 R1 and R2. Regarding R1, NSB found that it was unable to show that it had operated in such a way that the average of the clock-minute averages (using Area Control Error (ACE)) was less than the maximum limit set in the Standard. Regarding R2, NSB found that it could not show that it had operated so that its average ACE was within the Standard’s limit for at least 90% of clock-ten-minute periods during a calendar month. These issues arose when NSB’s service provider contract did not allow for NSB’s Control Performance Standards 1 being calculated separately.

Finding: FRCC determined that the issues posed a minimal risk to the reliability of the BPS for three reasons: (1) NSB supplied its Area Control Error data to the entity performing its long-term interchange contract for additional regulation; (2) the BA’s ACE was part of the ACT of its regulation service provider, so reliability was not impacted; and (3) the BA is a very small utility with non-regulated generation and only 11 miles of BPS transmission line with an all-time peak load of 109 MW.