NERC FFT Reports: Reliability Standard EOP-001-1


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Find, Fix and Track Entity, Docket No. RC11-6 (September 30, 2011)

Reliability Standard: EOP-001-1

Requirement: R7.1/7.3

Region: FRCC

Issue: FFT Entity self-reported that it did not have a communication protocols procedure that satisfied the requirements of EOP-001-1 R7.1 and that its communication protocols procedure for EOP-001-1 R7.3 did not provide for the entity coordinating transmission maintenance schedules to maximize capacity.

Finding: FRCC found that this issue constituted only a minimal risk to BPS reliability. FRCC found, based on other company documents, that FFT Entity’s system operators would have coordinated the relevant procedures. Furthermore, FFT Entity is a relatively small entity.