NERC FFT Reports: Reliability Standard INT-001-3


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Progress Energy Carolinas (PEC), Docket No. RC12-14 (July 30, 2012)

Reliability Standard: INT-001-3

Requirement: 1

Region: SERC

Issue: PEC, in its role as a Purchase-Selling Entity (PSE), submitted self-reports in December 2011 and February 2012 reporting that it had not submitted Arranged Interchange for one hour in December 2011 and two and a half hours in February 2012. The December event was caused by changes being made to PEC’s network that caused PEC’s automatic dynamic tagging capabilities to be unavailable for a total of one hour. PEC stated power was flowing on the Dynamic Schedule without the Tag in place and further review confirmed that 59 MW of unscheduled power did flow on the PJM Dynamic Schedule. But, the configuration of the PJM Dynamic Schedule has power flowing in the way it would reduce congestion so the power would have been directed that way had a transmission loading relief event occurred during the relevant time period. PEC created an After the Fact Tag for the event. The February event occurred because of an oversight in the creation of profile Tags. Internal procedures call for next day Dynamic Schedule profiles to be created by 1:00 local time each day; however, the operator on duty did not create the Tags, and it was not discovered until two and half hours into the following day before system operators were alerted to the situation. During the relevant time frame, 125 MW of unscheduled power was found to have flowed on the “East-to-West Dynamic Schedule” but no power flowed on the “Broad River Dynamic Schedule.” System operators created After the Fact Tags for the relevant time period.

Finding: SERC found the February report to be a supplement of the December report and considered the violations as one. The issues were deemed by SERC to pose minimal risk to BPS reliability since the total time period and the MW involved in the events was minimal and the events took place during off peak hours. SERC noted that PEC quickly created the After the Fact Tags as well.