NERC FFT Reports: Reliability Standard MOD-019-0


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Find, Fix, Track and Report, Docket No. RC12-2 (November 30, 2011)

Reliability Standard: MOD-019-0

Requirement: R1

Region: SPP

Issue: FFT Entity self-reported that it had unintentionally provided an inaccurate forecast of its 2010 interruptible demands and DCLM data to SPP and NERC.

Finding: SPP RE determined that the issue posed a minimal risk and did not pose a serious or substantial risk to the reliability of the BPS as the data that was provided to SPP was for long term forecasting as opposed to real-time operations (the data for real-time operations was obtained through different channels and is not implicated by this issue). FFT Entity further reported that the year 2010 was the only year that it did not provide its annual forecasts of interruptible demands and direct control load management.