Cybersecurity Legal Handbook

IT Security, Data Protection, Corporate, Compliance, M&A, Insurance, Financial Regulations, Labour Law, Litigation

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For the first time, a comprehensive overview has been published covering all relevant issues in German law across various legal areas relating to cybersecurity and providing insights into current challenges.

Edited by White & Case partners Dr. Detlev Gabel, Dr. Tobias Heinrich and Dr. Alexander Kiefner (Frankfurt), Cybersecurity Legal Handbook explores issues ranging from the cybersecurity responsibilities of an organization's management over the continued requirements for companies in the areas of data protection, IT security to transactional and financial regulations practices.

Business enterprises are exposed to ever-increasing risk of attacks that can have far-reaching consequences for data, systems and networks and thus for the integrity and proper functioning of an organization. In Germany, there is a growing awareness that the legal aspects of cybersecurity are not merely matters of IT security and data protection, but also ones that affect numerous other areas, including corporate law, insurance law, labour law and transaction and supervisory practices.

Cybersecurity Legal Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of all cybersecurity-relevant issues in German law. To increase the practical benefit, the handbook distinguishes between the legal requirements for prevention ("preparedness") and the legal reactions in case of emergency ("response"). The handbook is rounded off by country reports on the United States, United Kingdom and China, plus cross-legal checklists. It is available in German.

Other attorneys who contributed to the handbook include partners Dr. Justus Herrlinger, Markus Langen, Hendrik Röger, Prof. Dr. Norbert Wimmer, Christian Wirth, Karl-Jörg Xylander, local partner Dr. Lars Ole Petersen and associate Dr. Dominik Stier (Germany); partner Dr. Philip Trillmich and associate John Timmons (United Kingdom); partner Steven Chabinsky and associates David Markoff, F. Paul Pittman and Mark Williams (United States); partner Melody Chan; and trainee solicitors Denise Cheung and Aurora Leung (China).


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