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NERC FFT Reports: Reliability Standard TOP-002-2.1b

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Wisconsin Electric Power Company (Wisconsin Electric), Docket No. RC13-8, April 30, 2013

Reliability Standard: TOP-002-2.1b

Requirement: 14

Region: ReliabilityFirst Corporation (RFC)

Issue: On December 4, 2012, a wind park owned by Wisconsin Electric, tripped offline stopping production. Some of the turbines restarted within 15 minutes producing 7 MW of generating capacity, out of 135 MW the wind park had been producing prior to the circuit tripping. During the event, Wisconsin Electric, a GOP, did not notify the TOP and BA that the capability of the wind farm had dropped.

Finding: The violation was deemed to pose minimal risk to BPS reliability but not serious or substantial risk which was mitigated because the TOP and BA were aware of the issue at the wind park because of data they receive on the wind park. In addition, the issue was for a short duration, and the event occurred during overnight hours when demand for power is lower.