Aleksandra Orzeł-Jakubowska

Associate, Warsaw



Aleksandra Orzeł-Jakubowska provides legal assistance to clients in arbitration and court proceedings. The cases she has dealt with include construction claims (e.g., under FIDIC contract conditions), post-M&A claims as well as various aspects of enforcement proceedings and recognition of arbitral awards.

Prior to joining White & Case, Aleksandra was an associate in a boutique law firm in Warsaw specializing in arbitration. She also gained experience from internships in other law firms, including a trial law firm in Miami.

Bars and Courts
Warsaw Bar
Dr iur
University of Warsaw

Faculty of Law and Administration

Master's Degree
University of Warsaw

Faculty of Law and Administration

University of Vienna

Erasmus scholarship



Aleksandra's experience includes:

Advice to a seller from a FMCG sector on damage claims raised by a buyer on the basis of contracts for international sale of goods

Advice to an international law firm on legal malpractice claims (risk assessment, private mediation)

Representation of a client from the construction industry in two parallel arbitration proceedings conducted under the Rules of Arbitration at the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce

Work on a team representing a client from the FMCG sector in proceedings for recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards before the Supreme Court of Poland

Work on a team representing a client in a defamation dispute with a nationwide industry newspaper

Representation of a client from the construction industry in ad hoc arbitration proceedings in India regarding claims arising out of the dissolution of a joint venture

Advice to a foreign insurer on multiple claims for damages asserted against a bank covered by financial institution professional indemnity insurance (risk assessment)

Representation of clients from the agricultural sector seeking damages from administrative agencies and administrative courts in connection with the expropriation of land for road construction

Serving as an arbitral secretary in proceedings under various arbitration rules, including the ICC Rules and the UNCITRAL Rules (construction disputes, post-M&A disputes and contract disputes)


Aleksandra is the author/co-author of the following publications. Aleksandra has also prepared a commentary on Polish arbitration law and the New York Convention (joint publications; to be published in 2020 by C.H. BECK). She has also published numerous papers on arbitration and civil procedure in Polish legal journals.

"The Right to Be Unheard? Recognition and Enforcement of Anti-suit Injunctions Issued by Arbitrators in the EU," Journal of International Dispute Settlement 2019, Vol. 10, Issue 1, pp. 1-22 (co–author: Paweł Marcisz)

"Enforceability of Multi–tiered Dispute Resolution Clauses under Polish Law", Arbitration Bulletin "Young Arbitration" 2016, No. 26, pp. 166–180 (co–author: Anita Garnuszek)

"A Few Remarks on Enforceability of Unilateral Dispute Resolution Clauses Involving Arbitration," in: "Resolution of International Disputes. Public Law in the Context of the Immigration Crisis (COFOLA INTERNATIONAL 2016, Conference proceedings)", K. Drličková, T. Kyselovská (ed.) Brno 2016, pp. 116-113

"EU Proposals to Reform the Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement System - A Critical Analysis of Selected Issues Addressed in the Concept Paper 'Investment in TTIP and Beyond - the Path for Reform,'" Wroclaw Review of Law, Administration & Economics 2015, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 51-69