Viridiana Alanis Carrera

Associate, Mexico City



Viridiana joined White & Case in 2018 and has mainly focused her practice on capital markets, banking, finance and securities advice.

She has extensive experience advising major local and foreign issuers on the process of registering, listing and issuing debt and structured securities.

Viridiana's practice is also focused on corporate governance compliance and advising on meeting compliance obligations with the National Banking and Securities Commission, the Mexican Stock Exchange, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance, among other regulatory financial authorities.

Bars and Courts
Authorized to practice law in Mexico
Attorney at Law
Universidad Panamericana


Architect Capital Asset SPV LLC in Loan Facilities to Mexican Fintech Start-ups, 2021
Representation of Architect Capital Asset SPV in various transactions as lender in structured loan facilities to Mexican start-ups to finance eligible receivables. The loan facilities are typically granted through an intermediary vehicle in the form of a Mexican special purpose financial institution (SOFOM). The borrower is typically a Mexican originator of receivables through fintech apps other technology devices. Architect is a California-based fund that focuses on specialty credit investments in technology-enabled companies in Mexico and other jurisdictions in Latin America.

Fondo Especial para Financiamientos Agropecuarios (FEFA) Social Bonds, 2020 – 2021
Representation of FEFA in two pink bond issuances (FEFA 20G and FEFA21G) of debt certificates under its current issuance program as a recurrent issuer. The issuance of the pink bonds was characterized as a social bond with a gender perspective and its resources were used to finance women's projects that met the eligibility criteria, aligned with the Social Bond Principles of 2020 and 2021, respectively, established by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA). The FEFA 20G issuance was the first pink bond in Mexico and the first of its kind in Latin America.

Molibdenos y Metales, S.A. Debt Issuance, 2020
Representation of Molibdenos y Metales, the globe-leading Chile-based company in molybdenum processing, in the first and second issuances of long-term debt certificates under the program established by Molymet to issue long-term certificates up to a revolving amount of MXN 6 billion (US$300 million) in the Mexican market. The first issuance (MOLYMET 21) was made for an amount of MXN 2.52 billion (US$125 million) , and the second issuance (MOLYMET 21-2) was made for an amount of MXN 1.48 billion (US$75 million). Citibanamex and Scotia were the placement agents.

iShares ESG MSCI Mexico ETF Public Offering, 2020
Representation of BlackRock México Operadora, a subsidiary of BlackRock Inc., the largest asset manager in the world, as administrative agent and settlor in the public offering of a new domestic exchange-traded fund (ETF) product and its listing with the Mexican Stock Exchange. This ETF seeks to replicate the return, before fees and costs, of the MSCI Mexico ESG Select Focus Index, an index designed to maximize exposure to positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors while exhibiting risk and return characteristics similar to those of the MSCI Mexico Index (Parent Index) and keeping the carbon exposure of the index similar to that of the Parent Index. This was the first domestic ETF launched by BlackRock in Mexico since 2014.

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico Debt Instruments Program Establishment, 2020
Representation of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico, in the establishment of a dual program to issue short- and long-term debt instruments up to a revolving amount of MXN 42.2 billion in the Mexican market and the issuance of the first and second issuances under the program. The first issuance was made for an amount of MXN 602 million, and the second issuance was made for an amount of MXN 3.59 billion. BBVA Santander, and Scotia acted as underwriters in the transaction, while Monex will act as common representative of the bondholders. This constitutes the second dual program established by GAP to fund its committed capital expenditures and replaces the former one, which expired in February 2020.

Cetelem Cebures Issuance Program, 2020
Representation of Cetelem in the issuance of long-term stock certificates under its new program for the issuance of short- and long-term debt certificates on a revolving basis, up to the amount of MXN 20 billion or its equivalent in investment units, which has the unconditional and irrevocable guarantee of BNP Paribas, S.A.:

  1. the first and second issuances (Cetelem 21 and Cetelem 21-2) for the combined amount of MXN 2 billion, dated May 17, 2021;
  2. the reopening of the first and second issuances for the combined amount of MXN 2 billion, dated July 2, 2021;
  3. the third and fourth issuances (Cetelem 21-3 and Cetelem 21-4) for the combined amount of MXN 2 billion, dated September 24, 2021; and
  4. the reopening of the third issuance (Cetelem 21-3) for MXN 1.5 billion, dated October 26, 2021.

FEFA Green Bonds, 2018 – 2020
Representation of FEFA on three green bond issuances (FEFA 18V, FEFA 19V y FEFA20V) of debt certificates (certificados bursátiles) under its Current Program as recurrent issuer. The proceeds of the green bond issuance will be allocated to projects that have a positive ecological impact, specifically in forest and renewable energy sectors, under the issuer's green bond framework. The green bond issuances were certified by Sustainalytics and the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI). The FEFA 19V issuance was the first green bond issuance carried out in the Mexican stock market with a forest-positive impact.