Contemporary Art Program

White & Case Contemporary Art Program

The White & Case Contemporary Art Program consists of a series of art installations on the premises of our Prague office. Our objective has been to create a showcase for artworks both by established as well as up-and-coming local artists.

Tomas Jine
It gives me great pleasure that we are able to support contemporary Czech artists by giving them a forum in which to showcase their work to the broader public. This is about community, and about sharing the things we love and admire.
Tomáš Jíně

Current exhibition

from February 2024

Robert Šalanda: Inhabiting our headspace – front back and beyond

The current installation of contemporary art in the Prague offces of White & Case presents selected works by Robert Šalanda, a leading artist on the Czech art scene whose work plays with our perception of space and upends the meaning we attribute to the signs and symbols which flood our conscious and subconscious.

White & Case Contemporary Art Program







Past exhibitions

  1. Abstraction by Jana Babincová and Jitka Anlaufová
  2. Timeless & Everywhere by Veronika Holcová and Petr Kunčík
  3. Distilling the Everyday by Ivana Lomová and Petr Malina
  4. Painting as Object by David Hanvald
  5. Game of Light by Anna Neborová
  6. Rhapsody in Blue by Petr Písařík
  7. Parallel Landscapes by Eva Hérová
  8. Reverberations by Vladimír Véla
  9. En Plein Air by Matěj Lipavský
  10. Labyrinths by Kateřina Štenclová
  11. Layering by Mirek Kaufman
  12. Axis of the Moment by Pavel Šmíd