Data Protection & Privacy Laws 2019: United Kingdom

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Businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of having a strong data privacy compliance programme, but even the most conscientious company can make a false step as it captures, uses, transfers and discloses personal information. And the consequences can be serious: breaches of the GDPR carry the potential for a fine of up to the greater of €20 million or 4% of annual turnover. Perhaps even more importantly, companies that fall afoul of privacy legislation find themselves open to negative media attention and the immeasurable damage of lost consumer trust and confidence.

So, how can companies best manage internal risks and threats arising from their employees’ actions? What steps should they be taking to prepare for a potential data security breach? And what can we learn from recent cases in this area?

White & Case Partner Tim Hickman considers these issues in the UK chapter of 'Data Protection & Privacy Laws 2019'.

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