UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 – Update Note on Requirement for Annual Statements

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UK Modern Slavery Act 2015: Companies encouraged by UK Home Office to comply with reporting requirement

The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires commercial organisations to publish an annual slavery and human trafficking statement for financial years ending on or after 31 March 2016 (with such statements updated annually).

All "commercial organisations" that provide goods or services in the UK with an annual global turnover above £36 million are required to make an annual statement. "Commercial organisations" means companies or partnerships, wherever incorporated or formed, carrying on their business, or part of their business, in the UK. Companies domiciled outside the UK will be subject to the rules if any part of their business is carried on in the UK.

The UK Home Office and civil society are encouraging companies to comply with this reporting requirement, with recent suggestions of a large scale 'name and shame' from early 2019.

The UK Government also encourages organisations with turnovers less than £36 million to produce a statement and be open and transparent about their recruitment practices, policies and procedures in relation to modern slavery and to take proportionate steps.


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