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We would like to offer your team or organization a bespoke online session to cover the topics that matter to you and your colleagues and an opportunity for a deep dive into questions with our specialists on a confidential basis. As companies all over the world shift to remote working in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is as important as ever to stay up to date with legal developments. COVID-19 is also imposing new risks which organizations have to manage. White & Case can help you deal with these issues. We have more than 20 years’ experience of developing customized compliance programs to assist clients in a wide variety of business sectors, and have put together a list of topics that we can offer as online, interactive training sessions.

These interactive and engaging sessions are delivered by White & Case partners with deep specialist knowledge. They offer an opportunity to drill down into your areas of interest and ensure participants leave with a fuller understanding of the topic in question. The format and duration can be adjusted as needed, and we can work with most commonly used platforms.

We propose three new sessions that address the impact of COVID-19 on competition law, as well as a non-comprehensive list of online courses on topical issues as well as compliance refreshers.

COVID-19 and the impact on competition law

  • Merger clearance: the impact of COVID-19 on filings globally
  • The risks of competitor collaboration and information exchange: What does COVID-19 change?
  • The state aid response to COVID-19: The new rules enabling public support for companies in order to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the economy.

Hot topics in competition law

  • Competition law and the challenge of climate change: As many companies respond to the challenge of combating climate change, this session explores the way in which competition law can enable such efforts, as well as the pitfalls.
  • Competition law: is it fair? From Montesquieu to Spiderwoman: The importance of the separation of powers and the rule of law. Get updated on landmark due process decisions and learn how to use them as both a shield and a sword.
  • Telecoms network sharing: Recent EU and national decisions: Discuss the practical implications of the EU decision in the Italian case and pending investigations into network sharing agreements in the Czech Republic and Belgium, and consider the implications for network sharing and 5G rollout.
  • Digital platforms and the EU’s fundamental policy choice: Competition law or regulation? Understand the EU’s various proposals, reports and thinking on how to respond to the challenges of digital platforms, and how we see things moving.
  • Antitrust in light of novel distribution formats: This seminar looks at antitrust rules in distribution arrangements, especially in light of the rise of e-commerce and the platform economy, including the pending review of the EU Vertical Block Exemption Regulation.
  • Post Danmark I, Intel, Servier and the EU Courts’ refocus on effects⁠—a report from the Intel hearing of 10-12 March 2020: How does this affect companies’ strategies in abuse-of-dominance cases? Should companies rush to settlements? What about the AEC test? When should companies use it? This session will discuss whether the paradigm change should lead to a rethinking of strategy.
  • The Micula case—implications for state aid and investment arbitration: Learn what this landmark case means for the interface between EU law and investment arbitration.
  • The Pfizer/Flynn saga before the Court of Appeal: Learn about the implications of this decision with a case study on excessive pricing of particular relevance to pharmaceutical companies.
  • EU Pharma Law update: Learn about recent developments in excessive pricing (Pfizer/Flynn), product hopping, market definition and patent settlements (Paroxetine, Lundbeck and Servier).
  • The private damages landscape: This session will update you on the latest EU and national jurisprudence on private actions for damages, including standing, limitation periods and causation.

Managing merger control

  • EU merger control⁠—out of control? This seminar looks at the enforcement of EU merger control over the past 15 years.
  • Merger control and FDI control: This seminar addresses the increased controls on foreign direct investment and how to manage them in the deal process.
  • Merger control for deal makers: Get to grips with customer outreach, misleading information, gun jumping and other procedural pitfalls.
  • Merger control & remedies: Learn when and how to plan for potential remedies and how to deal with public interest remedies.
  • Merger control: On an acquisition path? Understand how to anticipate pitfalls that will slow down your regulatory process.
  • Merger filings in 20 countries? Get tips on how to avoid an organizational jam.
  • Raising the global bar for security clearance of cross-border transactions: A clampdown by governments across the world on potential security threats has increased the scrutiny of participants seeking clearance for cross-border mergers and acquisitions.
  • Merger control for deal makers: Understand the implications of customer outreach, misleading information, gun jumping and other procedural pitfalls, including legal privilege.
  • Telecom mergers: What’s next? Get up-to-date with recent trends in market consolidation in Europe and beyond, including 4-to-3 mobile mergers.
  • Killer acquisitions: A pharma story… or does it also have a tech chapter?

Practical toolkit

  • Information exchange: Understand what this means in the context of JVs, trade associations, industry reporting and benchmarking.

  • Dealing with dawn raids⁠— are you prepared? This seminar considers the powers of the European Commission as well as national and sectoral regulators, and gives practical tips for dealing with each stage of the dawn raid process including key dos and don’ts.
  • Litigation before the EU Courts: Learn how to maximize your impact.
  • Crisis cartels: Understand the rules and how might they be applied in the current crisis.

General overviews and compliance refreshers

  • ABCs of competition compliance: At a time when fines have never been higher, ensure that your company remains on the right side of the law. This basic training course for non-specialists will highlight key compliance issues.
  • EU climate change legislation⁠—what all companies need to know: The EU’s commitment to tackle climate change has profound implications for the way many companies do business. This presentation considers how your company can best confront the challenges and opportunities.
  • State aid⁠—a shield or a sword? An introduction to the EU’s State aid rules, including how to manage potential risks and how these rules can be used to one’s benefit.
  • US, EU & UK trade and financial sanctions⁠—what do we need to know? Against a backdrop of complex, fast-changing rules and increasing enforcement, this seminar will focus on the latest developments affecting multinational companies and their global businesses.
  • Business & Human Rights: A one-hour tailored session discussing the issues surrounding human rights in the context of your business requirements.


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