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Seminar 2 | The Clubs and Fences of Competition Law: A Global Cartel of Regulators or a Web of Diverging Views?

White & Case Tokyo Annual "Back-to-Business" Program Series 2023

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The interconnected nature of regulators is shifting the approach to competition law enforcement and globally this shift requires companies to reassess their approach to mergers and acquisitions. This imperative is complicated by the increasing number of new competition law jurisdictions as well as the constantly shifting position of established regulators. Consequently, businesses—especially those that hold a significant market position— are navigating an increasingly complex global competition law regime.

This session will provide the latest on:

  • The current effects of the interconnected nature of competition regulators, insights into how and in which areas certain regulators are working together to coordinate on approaches and outcomes and strategies for better navigating the global web
  • The increasing number of competition law jurisdictions and the recent changes in key global jurisdictions that affect competition law enforcement, especially for large or dominant businesses
  • The extent to which global regulators are focused on "big is bad";and the implications for business that operate in concentrated markets or hold dominant market positions with a particular focus on pharmaceutical, healthcare, infrastructure, technology and emerging markets
  • The trend of increasing regulatory oversight, including the EU's new power to review deals under the Foreign Subsidies Regulation
Date and time
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. JST
Main Conference Room
White & Case, Tokyo office
Peter Carney | Partner, White & Case, Washington, DC

Belinda Harvey | Partner, White & Case, Sydney

James Killick | Partner, White & Case, Brussels

Takako Onoki | Counsel, White & Case, Tokyo

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