Annual Review 2019

2019 new partners

In 2019, 42 new partners joined White & Case and 41 Firm lawyers were promoted, resulting in a total of 83 new partners

New partner stats

Megren M. Al-Shaalan, Mergers & Acquisitions, Riyadh

Jonah Anderson, White Collar, London

Andrew Bishop, Banking, Hong Kong

Stuart Bressman, Capital Markets, New York

Lucy Bullock, Mergers & Acquisitions, London

Simon Caridia, Project Development and Finance, London

Jessica Chen, Capital Markets, New York

Katarzyna Czapracka, Antitrust, Brussels

Murad M. Daghles, Mergers & Acquisitions, Düsseldorf

Noor Davies, International Arbitration, Paris

Rodrigo Dominguez Sotomayor, Mergers & Acquisitions, Houston

Grace Fan-Delatour, Mergers & Acquisitions, Beijing

Elizabeth Feld, Financial Restructuring and Insolvency, New York

Nikolay Feoktistov, Mergers & Acquisitions, Moscow

William Fong, Mergers & Acquisitions, Hong Kong

Genevra Forwood, Antitrust, Brussels

Maia Gez, Capital Markets, Silicon Valley

Jennifer Glasser, International Arbitration, New York

William A. Guerrieri, Financial Restructuring and Insolvency, Chicago

Clara Hainsdorf, Intellectual Property, Paris

Michael Hamburger, Antitrust, New York

Thomas Helck, White Collar, Frankfurt

Richard Hill, International Arbitration, London

James Holden, International Arbitration, London

Monica M. Holden, Capital Markets, London

Mark D. Holmes, Banking, Houston

Ryan Hopkins, Project Development and Finance, Houston

Laura Hoyland, Tax, London

Matthew Hurlock, Mergers & Acquisitions, New York

Douglas R. Jensen, White Collar, New York

Tomáš Jíně, Banking, Prague

Hyder Jumabhoy, Mergers & Acquisitions, London

Seth Kerschner, Mergers & Acquisitions, New York

Anna Kertesz, Antitrust, Washington, DC

Jorge Kim, Project Development and Finance, Mexico City

Elizabeth J. Kirk, Banking, New York

Luka Kristovic Blazevic, International Arbitration, Riyadh

Diane Lamarche, Commercial Litigation, Paris

Helen Levendi, Mergers & Acquisitions, London

Andres Liivak, Mergers & Acquisitions, New York

Richard Lloyd, Banking, London

Sylvia Lorenz, Intellectual Property, Berlin

Silvia Marchili, International Arbitration, Houston

Tom Matthews, Mergers & Acquisitions, London

Alexandre Mazuranic, International Arbitration, Geneva

Alexander McMyn, Banking, Singapore

Martin Menski, Project Development and Finance, Washington, DC

Karalyn Mildorf, Trade, Washington, DC

Michael Mountain, Mergers & Acquisitions, London

Fernando Navarro, Banking, Madrid

Andrea Novarese, Banking, Milan

Zenya Onishi, Banking, Tokyo

William (Bill) Parish Jr., Mergers & Acquisitions, Houston

Tai H. Park, White Collar, New York

Thomas Pate, Project Development and Finance, New York

Heather Rees, Capital Markets, London

Yasser K. Riad, Project Development and Finance, Abu Dhabi

Armando Rivera Jacobo, Project Development and Finance, New York

Jonathan Rogers, Banking, London

John Rogerson, Commercial Litigation, London

Emilie Rogey, Banking, Paris

Byron C. Romain, Project Development and Finance, Houston

Tine Schauenburg, White Collar, Berlin

Jacob B. Schtevie, Banking, Chicago

Tali Sealman, Mergers & Acquisitions, Silicon Valley

Steven Sha, Mergers & Acquisitions, Hong Kong

Shameer Shah, Banking, London

Sherri Snelson, Banking, New York

Michael J. Songer, Intellectual Property, Washington, DC

Maria Cristina Storchi, Mergers & Acquisitions, Milan

Paul Tang, Mergers & Acquisitions, Hong Kong

Christian M. Theissen, International Arbitration, Frankfurt

Max Turner, Capital Markets, Paris

Payvand Vahdat, International Arbitration, Doha

Heather Waters Borthwick, Banking, New York

Colin T. West, Commercial Litigation, New York

Fergus Wheeler, Banking, London

Oliver Wright, Project Development and Finance, Washington, DC

Daniel Yeh, Mergers & Acquisitions, Hong Kong

Hagai Zaifman, Tax, New York

Andrew Zatz, Financial Restructuring and Insolvency, New York

Jessica Zhou, Capital Markets, Hong Kong

Florian Ziegler, Banking, Frankfurt


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