2018 Annual Review

Enhancing client service through legal project management

Our ongoing investment in LPM boosts transparency, communication and efficiency

Legal project management (LPM)—the application of project management tools and practices to assess, plan, execute and evaluate legal matters—has become a hot topic for law firms and their clients. In 2018, we demonstrated our ongoing commitment to LPM by adding to our dedicated global team and methods. Our focus remains on collaborating with our clients to deliver the most efficient and effective service.

The Firm’s legal project managers combine subject matter experience in the banking, legal and government sectors with innovative project management techniques. Integrated within legal teams, they often communicate directly with clients while providing best-practice support to lawyers working on the matter. They ensure that good practices are implemented throughout the Firm and that we learn from each client matter engagement.

The tools used by our legal project managers include matter process mapping, project management templates and proactive regular reporting to clients on matter status and fees, helping to safeguard against surprises. In addition, we consider solutions that involve artificial intelligence, and work to find the right resource for the right task—whether within an existing team or through offshore outsourcing.

As a result of our growing investment in LPM, we have improved reporting and transparency in our communications, and are able to provide clients with real-time information. Our budgets are more accurate, and tracking them across jurisdictions has become more streamlined. From the beginning of a matter to its end, we are employing LPM to ensure an efficient and effective resolution.


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