EU Customs Developments in 2019

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This is a special newsletter with our selection of key EU customs developments in 2019. It is not intended to provide an exhaustive summary.

In this issue...

EU Customs Policy

  • Amendments to the UCC and related legislation
  • EU Customs Foresight Project

EU Tariffs

  • Duty Suspensions and Tariff Quotas
  • Additional customs duties on certain US products
  • GSP developments

EU FTA update

  • New EU Commissioner—new climate action and enforcement plans
  • EU FTAs with both Japan and Singapore entered into force in 2019
  • EU FTA with Vietnam signed in 2019, but not yet in force
  • EU-Mercosur FTA—political agreement reached
  • EU-United States FTA—EU negotiating mandate adopted
  • EU-South Korea FTA – discussion on labour rights
  • Pending and stalled EU FTA negotiations
  • Horizontal bilateral safeguard regulation


  • Brexit on 31 January 2020
  • Post-Brexit trade relations


  • 2020 Combined Nomenclature
  • 2019 Classification Regulations
  • CNEN consolidation and new CNENs
  • EU endorses HSENs and Classification Opinions
  • Court Judgment—classification of large LCD monitors for use in public spaces
  • Court Judgment—classification of GPS navigation systems
  • Court Judgment—classification of hearing aid connectors
  • Court Judgment—classification of welded steel parts for radiators
  • Court Judgments clarify link between customs classification of products and excise duty legislation for alcohol and tobacco products
  • Court Judgment—classification of static converters
  • Court Judgment—classification of mastectomy bras
  • WCO Council—HS 2022


  • Court Judgment—origin labelling for food from Israeli settlements
  • EU/Norway/Switzerland/Turkey cumulation of origin under GSP
  • PEM diagonal cumulation possibilities


  • Court Judgment—Oribalt case—deductive method
  • Court Judgment—CEVA case—downward post-clearance revision


  • Proposed amendments to 2014 Trade Enforcement Regulation
  • IPR infringements and Illicit Trade
  • Plurilateral negotiations and standards on e-commerce
  • Court Judgment—data protection in the context of an AEO application
  • EU Customs Trader Portal launched
  • EU customs training accreditation
  • EU Regulation on imports of cultural goods
  • EU Dual-Use Export control list and correlation table updated


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